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In pictures: Journey of Hope Walk 2019 - Day Five

By Joseph Kizza

Added 5th July 2019 06:26 PM

The crew settle in at Nakalama for the night.

The crew settle in at Nakalama for the night.


By Joseph Kizza





The long walk from Kampala to Karamoja is on in the #SchoolsNotStreets campaign courtesy of the Journey of Hope initiative by Dwelling Places. Here is a look at how Day Five went:

Friday's daybreak found the team up in Baitambogwe, Mayuge district. A routine spiritual session by Soul Touch Ministries was first on the day's agenda. Then the hardworking culinary team warmed the group up with some sumptuous breakfast to fire up their engines.


The emergency and rescue crew, comprised of the lively Paul, the reserved Lynette (pictured below) and the steadfast Paul, made sure the walkers were patched up and ready to get back on the road. Already, it was promising to be a hot day.


And ready they were!

From left, Kristen, Timothy, Tamara, Caitlene, Simon Peter, Linda, Rita, Aaron and Joe (behind the camera).

Next immediate destination: Iganga district


Along the way, a buzz of activity on a palm tree that has virtually lost all its leaves to the weaver birds.

A noisy tree.


This community of birds busy intricately weaving their nests to the minutest detail.


The team walked past many schools along the way, including Iganga Boys' and St. Francis Kigulu Girls' Secondary School.


Simon Peter and Kristen had a chat with two Karimojong girls who were headed for Karamoja.


The team walked through Iganga on a hot day.

Tamara, Linda, Simon Peter and Caitlene were in high spirits.


The team would break off for lunch in at Nature Call Centre, Bukoona. Right by the roadside.


Several travellers stop by this point to answer nature's call and have a bite.


It was sore legs but the day's distance had not been covered fully yet.


Huge swathes of rice field on either side of the highway.


And finally, once we were at our pit stop, some team members enjoyed a kick-about with the village youngsters. Right there with the ball is the spiritely Aaron.


Camp site set in Nakalama.


Paul, Isaac and Caitline relaxed by the Elpa Uganda ambulance.




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