Medics will offer the services up to Thursday, May 2 at ISBAT University
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Free neurosurgery camp opens in Kampala
Medics will offer the services up to Thursday, May 2 at ISBAT University


Cancer, brain and heart patients have a chance to seek for free consultation and treatment by a team of specialists at an ongoing medical camp in Kampala.

Specialists from an Indian based Apollo Hospital and Ugandan medics will offer the services up to Thursday, May 2 at ISBAT University located on Lugogo Bypass.

The medical camp is the university's social outreach program to reach out to needy Ugandans in the areas of oncology, neurosurgery and paediatric cardiology.

aediatric cardiologist r nuradha ridhar 2nd left speaking as r arghese 2nd right and r atnaderi amadas right look on hoto by hamim aadPaediatric cardiologist Dr Anuradha Sridhar (2nd left) speaking as Dr Varghese (2nd right) and Dr Ratnaderi Ramadas (right) look on. Photo by Shamim Saad


Senior specialists from Apollo Hospital led by Dr Joy Varghese a neurosurgeon, radio oncologist Dr Ratnadevi Ramadas, paediatric cardiologist Dr Anuradha Sridhar were on Tuesday attending to over 200 patients who turned up for treatment which under different circumstances could have cost them dearly.

Apollo Hospital is a leading Indian multi-speciality hospital that carries out cardiac surgery, brain surgery, paediatric, leukaemia, In vitro fertilisation (IVF) and ear, nose and throat (ENT) treatment.

Uganda Medical Association (UMA), president ‎Dr Ekwaro Obuku hailed ISBAT University for the initiative which he said was a relief for the needy patients.

he general manager business development at sbat niversity areesh umar addresses the ahead of the free medical consultation hoto by hamim aadThe general manager business development at Isbat University Hareesh Kumar addresses the ahead of the free medical consultation. Photo by Shamim Saad


"I would like to encourage Ugandans to come for screening, consultation and treatment. It is so expensive to treat a patient who needs a neurological surgery. It is a golden chance which should not be missed," Obuku said.

At Mulago Hospital, a government facility, for example, a CT scan costs about sh120,000 while an MRI is about sh750,000 in a private clinic, however, a brain operation abroad costs sh54m to sh81m.

He said the government should have a deliberate plan to train more neurosurgeons. Obuku said Uganda has only 7 active neurosurgeons.

ganda edical ssociation president r kwaro buku left chats with r arghese hoto by hamim aadUganda Medical Association president Dr Okwaro Obuku (left) chats with Dr Varghese. Photo by Shamim Saad


Neurosurgeons are physicians who specialise in the diagnosis, management and surgical treatment of neurological diseases and conditions. They deal with rehabilitating disorders of the brain, skull, spinal cord and nerves.

They also deal with congenital anomalies, tumours, vascular disorders and trauma.

Some of Uganda's neurosurgeons are; doctors John Mugambe, Michael Muhumuza, Joel Kiryabwire, John Baptist Mukasa and Hussein Ssenyonjo.