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How to effectively wash your car seats

By Stella Naigino

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“Remove the floor mats and place them on a clean surface, before you embark on cleaning,”Sebirumbi explains.

How to effectively wash your car seats

An employee at Total Wampewo cleaning the dash board. (Photo by Stella Naigino)

“Remove the floor mats and place them on a clean surface, before you embark on cleaning,”Sebirumbi explains.

"I happened to travel in a friend's car, but I was shocked with what I found inside, "says Rayan Mubiru a businessman.

"It was very clean outside but when I stepped inside, the odour in it was not pleasant at all, "he adds.

He says the car had grab and food that had stayed overnight, dirty shoes that had an awful smell, papers were scattered all over, that he had to come up with an excuse not travel in her car.

"I came to learn that some car owners mind their car's exterior look but ignore cleaning up the interior of the car, "he says.

However, it's important that motorists have their cars cleaned both inside and outside. Here is how 


 How to clean inside your car

According to Sebirumbi Nasser, head of the washing bay at Total Wampewo, the interior of a car is very sensitive; it requires a skilled person to do the work. Not all people can wash cars clean.

"Most washing bays just employ people who are inexperienced on doing this kind of task. A person like that won't know basics like the amount of water to use while washing the  seats and what sponge or cloth to use on which fabric," he explains.

How it's done

"Remove the floor mats and place them on a clean surface, before you embark on cleaning,"Sebirumbi explains.

He notes that rubber or vinyl mats can be scrubbed and cleaned using multi-purpose cleaners or suitable detergents.

"Do not wet your embroidery car mats because they take a longer time to dry up," he cautions. He adds that if you put them back in your car before they have dried completely, they produce bad odour.

He says car seats can be cleaned by simply using the vacuum method which helps suck out all the dust from the chairs.

"If you vacuum frequently, the lifespan of your seats and carpets is prolonged," Sebirumbi, adds. He says one should  pay more attention to the edges in  the car, especially the ones that are hidden underneath and between the seats.

Hetal Parikh, , the General Manger of Gathani Uganda  Limited, a company which deals in car cleaning products  also says when cleaning the inside of a car the dash board is also crucial.  After washing it, leave it to dry then apply a spray on it.

He adds this spraying helps it not to crack if parked under sunlight; it also keeps it shinning rather than looking dull.

How to clean car seat fabrics


Sebirumbi, says leather is a delicate fabric one has to use a good care product while cleaning it. Before using the product it is also better to know how to use it.

"Mix water with some little soap, gets a soft piece of cloth and gently wipe the seats then apply a detergent of your choice, then leave it on for some time to cleanse the seats before washing it off. For the seats to dry well leave the doors open," he says.

Parikh notes that using wrong products affects the fabric and makes it slippery therefore a car owner should use proper products. Leather cleaner and condition product is good for this kind of fabric.

"This product can also be used on office furniture, sofas at home given they are made of leather fabric," he notes.


"Velvet is a soft and sensitive fabric which makes it hard to clean, a person should be careful when dealing with it. If cleaned badly, the fabric will be damaged and discolored," Sebirumbi advices.

He says; get a silk cloth, water and a detergent. Mix water with the detergent use hands to form a bubble solution.

The bubble should be 80% more than the water. Then use the cloth only having bubble in it to wipe the seats, make sure you do not soak the fabric with water. 

Parikh says wash and wax interior fabric and carpet cleaner product is best for the car interior including the carpets. Just spray on the seats, wait for 5 minutes for dust to come out then use a brush to brush off the dust.

"It can be used on any cloth fabric apart from leather," he says.

Polyethylene like fabric

Sebirumbi, says for a Polyethylene like fabric, simply wipe it with a piece of cloth containing water and a detergent.

"Most washing bays  charge depending on the type of car and the price range is between Shs25000-100,000 for both the interior and exterior," he says.

He explains that floor mats come in different styles. Before deciding whether to go with rubber or carpet floor mats, there is a lot to put into consideration. 

Custom floor mats add style and comfort and are a great option.

However, rubber floor mats are commonly used because besides being cheaper they are easier to clean compared to rug mats.  Rubber floor mats can be purchased at around sh20,000 to sh250,000.  

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