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A look at human problems and the need for peace

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It is lack of knowledge of economic systems and how they affect the entire life of society

A look at human problems and the need for peace

It is lack of knowledge of economic systems and how they affect the entire life of society

By Kajabago-ka-Rusoke

When wind is pushing trees on the ground or, waters on seas, that is a geographical activity between objects which are neither economic nor spiritual as to cause anxiety between themselves. Whereas when we are talking about either peace or, war or, violence, in society is because we are economic and subsequently spiritual. For there is nothing in the world that should be described as love, peace, friendship or hate, outside an economic system. Failure to describe economic systems either as source or, fountain or, epicentre of spiritual life is an exposure of complete ignorance as to how spiritual life happens to be, how it should be, and how it should be adjusted or amended in order to put in place a type of people that must constitute an ideal human society. When, therefore, some people are talking about the need for global peace without self-criticism as to whether it is not their own economic systems that are the ones responsible for global commotion, becomes a lesson as to what foolishness, stupidity, and ignorance really are and can be. For human relations are determined by labour and property ownership. Biological beings that happen not to be economic remain merely instinctive.

Human beings are also instinctive, but their developing into economic beings makes economic development override instinct. This gives rise to reasoning and feelings but whose nature and type are determined by the types of economic systems arrived at by these very economic beings and practitioners, respectively. This is why masters do not think or feel that it is wrong to make men and women work without pay. This is why landlords think and feel that exacting rent from people who originally owned land as their own property is not incorrect. This is why a business man or woman makes sure he or she has to pay a worker so lowly so as to maximise surpluses above what he or she invested in an enterprise. This is

why there has been conquering of other people's' territories turning them into profit-making enterprises known as colonies.

Today, therefore, talking about the need for peace when capitalism at its stage of imperialism is an acceptable method of work by the USA and NATO to occupy Gwantanamo, fortyfour square mile territory of Cuba, is not seen as absolutely ridiculous. When Israel is occupying Arab lands in Palestine supported by NATO is absurd but considered alright by all the capitalist imperialist leadership under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Morocco ruling class is occupying the Saharawi People's Republic which was an Spanish colony, now a colony of Morocco. Morocco's ruling class thinks it is correct, When East Timor won its national independence from Portugal, Indonesia tried to confiscate it. Indonesia's ruling class thought that was correct.

The overthrow of Patrice Lumumba of Congo, 1960, of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Ayende of Chile, then telling lies by Tony Blair of Britain and George Bush of US that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then killing Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, when their real aim was actually to loot oil from Iraq was left normal. Then the killing of Muamar Gadaffi, who had established social welfare for Libya, can all show how incorrect the capitalist classes of USA and Western Europe are. Venezuela is trying to establish a pro-people economic system but is hated by the USA capitalist -imperialist class that the leadership in Venezuela is wrong in doing that, China and North Korea are building an anti-capitalist system when the USA capitalist class thinks that is wrong, Korea, historically was one country but now there are two Koreas, North and South because there was a civil war in the whole of Korea where one group of people fought against another due to differences in terms of what economic system should govern the whole of Korea. Finally the country split between North and

South whereby the North supported an anti-capitalist system as the South supported a pro capitalist one which is the same economic system dominating the people of USA also. The USA therefore supports South Korea spiritually and militarily to the extent that USA has twenty thousand troops in South Korea and undertakes regular military exercises there to make sure that South Korea is a spiritual and economic appendage of the USA Capitalist imperialist class. The USA must split a country into parts as long as that economically aids the USA capitalist imperialist system internally and globally. Israel is at log heads with Arab countries apart from Saudi Arabia. Why? Because Saudi Arabia is an ally to USA imperialism while Israel is an appendage of USA imperialist class also. So the would be antagonism between Jewish Israel and Arab Saudi Arabia is neutralized by USA imperialist tentacles in both countries. The Dinka and the Nuer in Southern Sudan republic are failing to build a united country because they are academically unable to discern the type of economic system that can comfortably put them together as a people with a common economic goal giving rise to spiritual oneness. This is the same problem in Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Burundi, Eriteria and others.

It is lack of knowledge of economic systems and how they affect the entire life of society. Differences in race, tribe or religion are all covers for economic ambitions by one group against another. That is all. Failure to understand this makes people remain in irreversible social darkness.

The Austrian -Hungarian empire by the 20th century included Serbia but which wanted to secede. In June 1914 the Austrian crown Prince Ferdinand was assassinated. Suspicion was that he was assassinated by a Serb. Then Austria declared war on Serbs which Russia rejected and declared war on Austria but which Germany rejected and declared war on Russia also. This was the beginning

of the First World War resulting from land-territorial prestige claims for national independence. Property relations. The beginning of the Second World War was by the German capitalist class in 1939 which wanted to dominate the rest of the world capitalist classes. This was a contradiction within the same global negative anti-people capitalist system but where the German capitalist class met a superior might of an all-people's army of the Union of soviet of Socialist Republics which defeated its army raising the Soviet red flag in German's capital, Berlin, on 2nd May, 1945 when the head of the German capitalist class, Adolf Hitler had committed suicide on 30th April, 1945. The world is still in turmoil. Global turmoil is an effect but has a cause.

The answer for the globe lies in looking for causes, tackling them and solving them rather than waste time on effects. The cause is the ugly, nasty, sour, vulgar world capitalist-imperialist system.

Asking the USA and Western Europe to solve this problem is to look for blood from a stone. The answer lies with all those who consider themselves pro-people intellectuals or intelligentsia in all countries of the world including those where this ugly system thrives to form a global anti-capitalist-imperialist Movement which can globally undermine all capitalist classes in all countries so that all the capitalist international bedbugs can be betrayed and undermined in each and every country of the globe through globally coordinated economic, spiritual and ideological threads where the capitalist-imperialist will find himself-herself completely intellectually engulfed to a point of either repentance or inevitable economic succumbing.

The writer is a Senior Presidential Adviser on Ideology

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