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‘Everyone must read the University Guide’

By Dr. Alex Kagume

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) is a semi-autonomous agency of the Ministry of Education and Sports established by an Act of Parliament, the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act of 2001.


It is meant to regulate and guide the establishment and management of institutions of higher learning, equate qualifications and advise the Government on higher education issues. It is the mandate of the NCHE to disseminate information relating to the different institutions of higher education for the benefit of the people to create public awareness on higher education issues.

We have shared our information with New Vision and it is being used in this Guide to help you have a credible source. It is important that you pay keen attention to what is being published to avoid being duped by individual and some unscrupulous institutions.


The information we have provided to New Vision covers only accredited institutions and programmes, which are recognised by us, as the NCHE. This University Guide by New Vision, therefore, gives you a wide range of institutions accredited by the NCHE and their categorisation for you to be able to know and differentiate the available categories.


We have in this country, public and private institutions as universities, other degree-awarding institutions and tertiary institutions, from which one can make a choice for higher learning. The University Guide is timely to guide students, parents and lecturers who are making choices for higher education studies.

 The public and all higher education stakeholders should take a keen interest in this guide, since it provides comprehensive information on so many issues related to higher education.

Dr. Kagume is the acting executive director of the National Council for Higher Education