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Bahati urges Ugandans to embrace saving

By Job Namanya

Added 14th January 2019 03:46 PM

The state minister stressed that the government is encouraging efforts aimed at saving right from the villages

Bahati urges Ugandans to embrace saving

Bahati handing over iron sheets to authorities at Kirwa Primary School. Photo by Job Namanya

The state minister stressed that the government is encouraging efforts aimed at saving right from the villages

The state minister for finance and planning, David Bahati, has asked Ugandans to embrace the spirit of saving in groups if they are to boost their income.

According to Bahati, If Ugandans started savings and credit associations at a village level, they would collectively invest in developmental projects that can help them in meeting their day-to-day expenses.

He was presiding over the launch of Mugandu Abaryakamwe Group, a local savings and credit association located in Rukore Ward, Ryakarimira town council in Kabale district on Saturday.

Bahati stressed that the government is encouraging efforts aimed at saving right from the villages, and it will empower local SACCOs through the Microfinance Support Centre.

"We have put Sh40b in the Microfinance Support Centre in the next financial year to support locally based SACCOs that have registered with it. This money can enable you to give loans to your members to prosper," said Bahati.

He said that the country's banks do not have enough money to offer credit to locals because most of them depend on loans from external bodies and thus, people need to save in order to have enough money for credit.

Bahati further appealed to locals to always use the money they acquire in form of loans rightly so as to have the capacity to recover in in due time.

"Avoid the tendency of acquiring loans to start drinking alcohol. Every time you misuse a loan, you are affecting your own ability to recover it successfully," said Bahati.


He donated sh10m towards Mugando Abaryakamwe to enable its operation.

On the same day, Bahati donated 150 iron sheets to Kirwa Primary School to facilitate the roofing of some of the structures that did not have appropriate roofing.

He asked parents in the area to embrace the education of their children if they are to prosper in life.

"It does not matter which school you have gone to, but as long as you are able to get an opportunity to study, God can uplift you anytime. Some of us studied from unrecognised schools but we have been able to achieve a few things," said Bahati.

Speaking at the same function, Darius Nandinda, the Kabale resident district commissioner warned residents against engaging in early politicking.

"We shall not hesitate to arrest whoever tries to confuse our people at this time with political rallies. This is not yet time for politics, let our people work for their own development," said Nandinda.

Epaphras Byamukama, the chairperson for Mugandu Abaryakamwe said that the group that started in 2013 aims at helping locals solve their day to day challenges.

"We have been able to save up to the tune of sh73m and if any member gets a challenge that requires some financial support, they have a chance to approach us for some help. This is what we saw possible to help us overcome our challenge of low earnings," he said.

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