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How parents should discipline without spanking?

By Stella Naigino

Added 27th November 2018 03:24 PM

Experts say a child's behavior depends on how they are taught and handled when they do good or bad things

 How parents should discipline without spanking?

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Experts say a child's behavior depends on how they are taught and handled when they do good or bad things

PARENTING-Most parents find it hard to punish their children simply because they feel their children are not ready or fit for any punishment.

Yet, when they take them to school they notice a change in their behavior.

Experts say a child's behavior depends on how they are taught and handled when they do good or bad things.

Lydia Nyesigomwe the Director Parenting Uganda notes that, some parents do certain things to children thinking that they are actually disciplining, yet they are just spoiling the good in their children.

She notes that different children at different ages can be punished and it's important that parents ensure to know which kind of punishment will be suitable for their kindergarten children.

Lynette Apondi the head teacher Seeta Kindergarten says kindergarten children are in the habit of doing things to test their parents so they can find out what they can do.

However they can be punished depending on what they have done.

She notes that depending on how you administer punishment you will get positive or negative results but one wonders what are the appropriate punishments for kindergarten toddlers.

Experts say Punishment is a tool that decreases the likelihood of certain behaviors in a society. It can be at school, home, hospital or anywhere that your child goes.

Ronald Lukyamuzi a teacher says kindergarten children need to be punished, but this should go hand in hand with proper parenting.

Once you punish ensure that your child understands why you're punishing her/him.

Different forms

Establish a naughty corner

Apondi says in case a child fights with another child, have them separated and put the troublesome one in a naughty corner.

"Make them sit in that corner and they should not leave until you ask them to do so. This will make them feel bad and in the end they will say sorry to one another.  They might not fight again, "she explains

She says a naughty corner helps in case a child refuses to finish her work. Making that child sit in the naughty corner, while others play is good enough. She/he will miss the playing and next time he/she will do her work and finish in time.

Restrict them from using toys

Rehema Kyampiire the director little Royals Nursery school says children with the habit of throwing toys and things around should be punished by simply removing the toys away from them and restricting them not to use or touch them again.

In the process they will miss the toys and when you return, they will not throw them again.

It's also important that you tell them why they should not throw things anyhow.

Delay their food

Kyampiire says in case a child does something that you feel is not right, explain to them that they have done wrong and that way they are not going to eat food.

This is not denying them their right but rather a way of making them feel that our actions have consequences in the process they will feel hungry and to avoid this from happening again, the child will restrain him/herself from repeating the same mistake.

Use charts and stickers

Apondi notes that Kindergarten children respond well to visual reminders.  Charts and stickers are a great way to remind your child that she is using good behavior and doing a great job.

"Come up with a chart with different drawings on it and whenever your child does a great job, refer to the chart and incase he/she misbehaves still refer to the chart," she advises

"Still have stickers of smiling faces, appreciation signs and whenever your child does well give her a sticker that matches with her behavior. This  will help." she adds

Use things they love

She says, children are usually interested in certain things and tend to be possessive so take advantage of using such things to instill good discipline in them.

"This is possible in a way that, whenever, they behave in a bad way, promises never to let them play with that thing or never to take them for swimming or for ice cream, "explains Lukyamuzi.







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