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Star teachers vow to hone skills in Ireland

By Jacky Achan

Added 8th November 2018 05:13 PM

A total of 559 teachers were nominated for the competition that started in March through to August 2018.

Star teachers vow to hone skills in Ireland

A total of 559 teachers were nominated for the competition that started in March through to August 2018.


Kampala-The 12 winners of the 2018 Teachers Making a Difference competition were recognised last week in a colourful ceremony at Vision Group head offices in Kampala.

A total of 559 teachers were nominated for the competition that started in March through to August 2018.

Of the nominees, 73 were profiled in the various Vision Group media outlets from whom the top 12 were selected by a panel of independent judges for recognition. 

The five most outstanding will go on an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland courtesy of New Vision, the Irish Embassy in Uganda, Simba Travelcare and Trocaire.

The teachers were scored on uniqueness of innovation in their work, ability to use limited resources to achieve extra-ordinary results and engaging the community.

The other attribute was the teacher's ability to engage their learners in co-curricular activities and impart in them life skills.

The star teachers have vowed to pick new tricks and improve their skills when they travel to Ireland next year.

Jacky Achan talked to the five winners travelling to Ireland and brings you their expectations of the education tour to the European country they are all visiting for the first time.


Robert Abala, headteacher of Panykworo Primary School, Gulu
I am happy to be recognized as the best teacher in Uganda this year. This will give me more zeal to work. With a trip in the offing, I hope to get more experience to continuously reform our school and ensure we have a holistic approach to managing pupils. I hope to do more on return and help improve the country's education.


Moses Wambi, deputy principal of Bishop Willis Core PTC, Iganga

I feel great about this recognition. God can see people who work hard through other people — and in this case it was through Vision Group and its partners on this project. I feel motivated to work even harder. When I go to Ireland, I will pay attention to what other teachers are doing to excel in education. In Uganda, we at times keep promoting children from one class to another, without giving them proper literacy skills. Attaining proper literacy skills is the master key and it unlocks understanding and growth for children. When I return I hope to be the country's literacy ambassador.

 Santina Auma, one of the top five winners, took a photo with the Irish ambassador to Uganda, William Carlos at the event

Santina Auma, headmistress of Nakoreto Primary School, Kotido district

I am extremely happy that my efforts to bring excellence in educating our children in Uganda have been recognised. I am overjoyed having been recognised as the fifth best teacher in Uganda. I am looking forward to the trip to Ireland in January 2019. I would like to learn how the teachers there manage their schools. I also wish to acquire more teaching skills and pick exceptional ones to apply back home. I also want to support other teachers in Uganda to be like me. I pray that next year, all the winning teachers travel and not just five out of the 12, as it was this year. I felt we all deserved to be on that plane. But most importantly, I thank New Vision and its partners for making this happen.


Catherine Nabwire, deputy headteacher of Busia Integrated Primary School

I am full of gratitude to see that my effort, commitment, hard work and devotion to provide quality education to my pupils has been recognised. I am excited at the opportunity given to me to travel to Ireland. I am going to leave the country and fly for the very first time. But while in Ireland, I hope to learn about their education system and pick teaching skills that I can use to achieve more excellence and improve our education system. But above all, I hope this recognition will inspire other teachers to aim for excellence.


Bro. Godfrey Lutaaya, headteacher of Mugwanya Preparatory School Kabojja

I did not expect to be among the winners. I was taken by surprise because I was called and asked to come and witness the event. It is exciting and I am happy to be recognised for bringing excellence to Mugwanya Preparatory School, Kabojja; a Universal Primary Education school which many people mistake for an international school. Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world. I will be studying their education system and pick lessons that we can apply here to fill the gaps and ensure we have the best. Going for these trips helps us change our attitude and bring value.  It is from my trips to Great Britain, including London and Liverpool, that I picked lessons which transformed our school. I am looking forward to learning more from Ireland.

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