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The concept of education, role and value

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Prior to the economic aspect of colonisation, there was the sending in of preachers to inculcate the religious beliefs of the coloniser

The concept of education, role and value

Prior to the economic aspect of colonisation, there was the sending in of preachers to inculcate the religious beliefs of the coloniser

By Kajabago-Ka-Rusoke

The first institution for a human being in the world is a home. For this is where children are born and brought up in such a way that their parents teach them what to do, why it should be done and how it should be done. Those are home education and training.

However, as technology advanced, society was divided into economic classes. The children of a slave and a slave-maid are not brought up in the same way as those of a master.

The children of a tenant and a landlord are also brought up differently respectively. Those of a worker and capitalist also undergo differentiation in treatment based on class nature.

Children of the formerly colonised territories were brought up according to customs, habits and tradition of their ancestors, but gradually being made to change according to the nature of the economic demands of foreign colonisers.

Prior to the economic aspect of colonisation, there was the sending in of preachers to inculcate the religious beliefs of the coloniser so as to appease the would-be colonised populations spiritually and morally so that by the time the actual economic forces begin to operate, the would be colonised populations would have already succumbed morally and spiritually to those coming to colonise them because those colonising them would have been sent by "God" to civilise them from their customs which were being referred to as pagan.

That is how foreign religion in the would-be colonies was a morally economic tool for colonising. And that is why it has always been a moral and spiritual tool for

every ruling class which claims to have been economically installed above all others on a given territory by a power above and beyond nature.

On top of the original names of the native populations in the colonies, were added names from the countries of the colonising capitalist classes under a religious system referred to as Baptism.

However, education should mean teaching either a man, woman or child how to do something good and ideal for the benefit of that very individual being taught and also in relation to the neighbours of that individual who is being taught what to do, so that that individual notices and realises that he or she cannot live in isolation but in a community which should materially and spiritually benefit from him or her as he or she also has to benefit from the neighbours among whom he or she is living. In education there must never be such a method of separating the economic from the spiritual. The two must go together for the benefit of all whereby all are for each.

In the economic field of labour there exist divisions of labour and specialization. Each individual must perform and contribute according to his or, her art and ability for the benefit of the people among whom he or she lives. This should be a spiritual and moral obligation serving an economic purpose in each and in every enterprise be that a plantation, mine, factory, shop, Hospital or any part of society's infrastructure plus all organs of state apparatus.

There must be education in terms of being and doing answering a question as to why one is economically and morally doing what he or she is doing. This will give rise to a vivid image concerning the needed relationship between an individual and society.

In all schools and colleges there must be an emphasis on cleanliness and tidiness. All classrooms, Lecturooms, Libraries, dormitories, toilets, compounds, Lanes, kitchens must be kept clean and tidy. All students must be taught how to dress up smartly every day of the week.

Every student must be smart, clean and tidy. They must be taught courtesy, kindness, simplicity, modesty, humility, etiquette, and, generosity so that when they will have grown up the society in which they will be living will be composed of civilized citizens of high social standards whereby such society will not be just a quantity but a quality.

However, teachers who do not know these things will not teach them. So there is also need to hold teacher conferences and seminars in order to discuss the same which must be implemented.

In addition to all these above, all members of all organs of the state apparatus must be brought to attend either, Lectures or seminars concerning the needed ways and methods of putting in place a civilized society and how it should be run.

What is important in Education is purpose. This is why each member of the state cabinet, civil service, judiciary, parliament, army, police, prisons, local council, should ask himself or herself as to why and how he or she is in that position. There must be a sense of responsibility towards society in order to satisfy peoples' needs. It is the love of serving others that should be valued as a true reward to the one serving. That is patriotism-matriotism.

That is why a Minister should ask himself or herself why traders are selling raw foodstuff by the roadsides in dust or mud when they should have been provided with shelves or containers in healthy and hygienic areas. That is why a Minister should ask himself or herself why Police and Prison members of staff are poorly accommodated. Why workers are poorly paid. Why the countryside is not provided with housing estates with running water, electricity, playgrounds and entertainment for children.

It is only proper education that can urge a Member of Parliament to realize that all those things are necessary and essential in his or her constituency. It is love for service that will not allow a civil or public servant to ask for a bribe when he or she is educated. Snobbery, forgery, bribery, perjury and jobbery are all negative to education. For the most highly educated person in the world is the simplest one will find.

Public riots are part of lack of education on the part of the rioters. Whoever has a point concerning what should be done for the good of society, should convene a meeting for public debate but not riots. Riots are wild.

A political party whether in power or not should establish a Newspaper or a journal for educating the public concerning what should be done for the good of society.

However, it should be clearly understood that there cannever be correct pro-people education outside a correct pro-people economic system. For those running an anti-people economic system will make sure that their type of education serves the type of economic system they put in place as a ruling class in whose hands is the state.

Wars in the world today are just effects emanating from the filthy, squalid, and vulgar world capitalist system in Western Europe and the USA as a cause. All leaders of the capitalist classes of those countries are not educated.

Writer is a senior presidential adviser on ideology

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