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How to grow as a leader

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Growing as a leader requires that you give up the familiar waters and take steps into uncharted waters

How to grow as a leader

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Growing as a leader requires that you give up the familiar waters and take steps into uncharted waters

CAREER-Growing, for leaders, is like breathing. It is not optional. It is not something you do in addition to your real job.

Today, the willingness to continuously grow as a leader is becoming increasingly important, given the fast changing trends of technology, markets and workplace environments.

Growing as a leader requires that you give up the familiar waters and take steps into uncharted waters.

It is these steps that facilitate positive impact, effectiveness and make the leadership journey a worthwhile adventure.

Here are some insights to help you continuously grow as a leader:

Open feedback channels

Feedback is the breakfast for champions. The best leaders are those who treasure feedback.

They take it to their silent closets for analysis and use it to better themselves.

Most leaders fail because they cut off the feedback channels. They allow only positive signals to come to them. It is a lie that all you do as a leader is flawless.

You definitely make some mistakes. Creating an environment where people can freely give you feedback will significantly grow your leadership abilities and boost your performance.

Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself pays high dividends. On many occasions, when I speak to different leaders and managers, I always ask this question:

"What book are you currently reading to add value to yourself?"

Unfortunately, most times I get very few readers. As a leader, reading can no longer be a luxury to you.

The quality of your leadership will be directly proportional to your knowledge base.

Make time to buy and read books. Locked up in that sh40,000 book could be a $40b dollar idea that could turn your career round.

Take coaching sessions to hone your skills and go for professional building seminars. Stop waiting for the company to always invest in your growth.

How will you lift your teams up through your experience, work ethic and encouragement if you are not investing in yourself?

Shun mediocrity

Do not allow your fears and failures to limit you to mediocrity. If you want to pursue excellence, it takes hard work.

If you want to go beyond what is expected, you have to evolve and grow in your character, competencies and commitment.

The best leaders, the ones who really want to grow, shun mediocrity like a plague. They understand that good enough is not good enough.

It is tempting to lull yourself into always doing the same things in the same ways, with the same people, at the same time, with the same results.

But there is no room in that picture for stretching yourself to become better. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, because that is how you grow.

At the end of the day, you will take one of two paths as a leader: either you will step forward into growth or backward into safety. The choice is in your hands.

-Lydia Amuge, a leadership coach and author

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