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Notice from Ministry of Finance

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Theme: “Creating an enabling Business Environment for Enterprises in Uganda”

Notice from Ministry of Finance

Theme: “Creating an enabling Business Environment for Enterprises in Uganda”


The National Competiveness Forum (NCF) is an annual event organized by the Directorate of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED). It is a forum through which the Ministry engages with the Private sector, the civil society, academia and development partners on matters affecting Business Environment and the drivers of Enterprise Growth and Competitiveness. Since 2006 NCF events have shaped policy interventions in the Country's development agenda.

Key messages from the previous fora

• In the 2009 forum, Prof. Paul Collier provided a framework that informed the government on how to best develop the country's Oil and Gas resources and avoid the pitfalls many countries have experienced.

• In 2012, Prof. Ricardo Haussmann of Harvard University guided on the need for a stepwise development path for Uganda using the analogy of Monkeys. He asserted that Monkeys in a forest jump from one tree to another progressively, and therefore Uganda needs to focus on the industrialization strategy, building on the available human and natural resources.

The 9th NCF will provide an opportunity for participants to link business environment in Uganda and its effects to the dismal performance of enterprises. Members will identify critical policy actions for improving the business environment so as to boost enterprise growth and competitiveness as a basis for growing jobs, exports and household incomes.

The forum will have the following sessions;

I. Enabling Enterprise Growth and Competitiveness: Lessons from International Best Practices.

This session will explore best practices in building competitive enterprises. This will be presented by Mr. Allon Raiz from RizCorp, Africa's biggest and most successful incubation facility.

II. State of Uganda's Business Environment: Implications for Enterprises Growth and Competitiveness

This research based paper will be presented by Prof Waswa Balunywa, Principal of Makerere University Business School. Painting a picture of Uganda's Business environment and how it affects enterprise performance. Participants will discuss the right incentives (both regulatory and tax regime) can spur innovation, ease formalization, growth and expansion of enterprises.


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