• Sun Sep 30 2018
  • Motocross: Foreign riders make an impression

Maxime Van Pee scored the highest national championship points.
Johnson Were
Journalist @ New vision
Maxime Van Pee scored the highest national championship points.

State minister for sports Charles Bakkabulindi left Busiika Arena humbled by the performance and spirit that Ugandan riders put up against professional American and South African riders on Sunday.

"I am impressed with what I have seen and I salute the parents who are investing the little they have in these children. As government we are going to see how we can increase our funding for the sport," Bakkabulindi said.

Brandon Leith, Christopher Thies and Preston Boespflug from USA, Joshua Mulimi and Jonathan Mulimi from South Africa gave fans value for their money in both the 85cc and MX1 classes at what was the sixth round of the Mountain Dew National Motocross Championship.

"This is lovely. I have never seen a crowd like this one. A crowd that leaves their own and supports the visitors. I definitely look forward returning to Uganda," Leith said.

inister harles akkabulindi flagging off the 125cc race during the event hoto by ohnson ereMinister Charles Bakkabulindi flagging off the MX125cc race during the event. Photo by Johnson Were


Parents excited

Amos Wekesa a parent of one of the local riders said this is the way to go if motocross in Uganda is to develop.

"We have a lot of potential but we can explore that only if our children compete with such a professional class and I appeal to FMU and the motocross clubs to bring these riders again," Wekesa said.

His words were echoed by Nuludin Kasozi, a motocross fan who said: "Today's race has given our riders challenge and they now know that they have to train harder to reach competitive level. I request Uganda Motocross Club and Speedway Motorsport Club to continue bringing more quality foreign riders like today."

Musician Haruna Mubiru, the father of 50cc junior class rider, Ramathan Mubiru, lauded the organisers and called on them to bring more foreign riders and trainers to polish Uganda riders.

"I have never seen such an entertaining event. I pray that our leadership brings more riders of such quality that will improve on our riders' standards," he said.

Uganda Motocross Club (UMX) president Jimmy Akena, assured the public his club's commitment to promoting motorsport in the country.

"This event was a success but we have a few crowd control management issues, which we are going to review and address that in the next event," Akena said.

merican rider reston oespflug in action in the 85cc class hoto by ohnson ereAmerican rider Preston Boespflug in action in the 85cc class. Photo by Johnson Were


"I want to assure the public that as UMX, resources may not be enough, but we are determined to take motocross to another level and with our partners, we shall continue to bring professional riders and trainers," Akena who also the father of 65cc rider Milton Akena Obote stressed.

The event manager Evas Orland lauded Vision Group for the support in developing the sport and urged other media houses to emulate that.

In the MX50cc, Gift Ssebuguzi won the class with three straight heats, just like Stav Orland who dominated the MX85cc as a guest rider. Fortune Ssentamu scored the highest points.

In the MX125 category, Omar Yasser dominated the day winning all the three heats with Sharifah Kateete dislodging Alestair Blick from second position.

In the MX1 category guest riders Leith, Thies and Mulimi as well as Uganda's Aviv Orland wowed the crowd with their performances.

However, Maxime Van Pee scored the highest national championship points, with Arthur Blick Jr and Talha Kiggundu in tow.


50cc junior

Ashraf Mbabazi 57

Ramathan Mubiru 54

Liam Ntale 45

MX50 category

Gift Ssebuguzi 60

William Blick Jr 49

Miguel Katende 42

65cc class

Alon Orland 60

Jeremiah Mawanda 45

Isabella Blick 43

85cc class

Fortune Ssentamu 60

Malcom Lubega 51

Wazir Omar 41

MX125 class

Ali Omar 60

Sharifah Kateete 47

Alestair Blick 34

MX2 class

Fatuh Kiggundu 60

Isma Mukiibi 49

Yassin Kasirye 41

MX1 class

Maxime Van Pee 57

Arthur Blick Jr 45

Talha Kiggundu 43

MX Vets class

Barak Orland 60

Rodrigo Olivier 51

Pieter Pelser 45