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Why persistent western interference in African politics is ugly

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Western monetary inducements are bait to self-seeking.

Why persistent western interference in African politics is ugly


Western monetary inducements are bait to self-seeking.

By Patrick Kitagata

Any society or person ought to learn from their history lest they suffer or repeat the mistakes of the past.

The history of Africa versus the West especially concerning Slave trade, Colonialism and Religion with all their associated evils: plunder of Africa's human, mineral and wood resources has been generally ugly, contemptuous, unwarranted, and undermining of Africa's sovereignty and values.

For lack of space, I won't delve deeper, but suffice it by implication of aforementioned evils and history that I may urge any sane Ugandan to vehemently shun such furtherance and veiled neocolonialism!

Political sentiments justifiable or not aside, regime change advocates especially in Uganda ought to objectively reflect upon and keep well abreast with exploitation and undue impositions we have for far too long suffered from Western influence.

It's alright to desire regime change, but can't that revolution be Africans for Africans? Given the ugly exploitative past, any Ugandan still be hobnobbing with the West?

Have we adequately internalised the strings attached to Western support? The main reason most post-independence African leaders, ironically earlier widely viewed redeemers, committed political blunders and ended disgracefully, cannot be separated from self-alienation and aloofness, neocolonialist and puppetry behavior etc. It turned out that the same evils for which they advocated African independence were the same evils neocolonialists hoodwinked them to further, bringing them down as political failures!

Western monetary inducements are bait to self-seeking, myopic, quick-fix political amateurs duping them to believe that the West means well for Africa, but the truth of the matter is they don't.

Don't you know the havoc 2010 - 2011 Western backed insurrections wrecked countries affected by the Arab Spring wave with Libya worst hit! No doubt, looking at the ruins in Libya, Libyan puppets who were used to bring down Col. Mammuar Gadaffi, must be nostalgic of his leadership! Despite NRM's myriad achievements, some things haven't certainly gone but, there's no guarantee that those badly opposed Gen. Museveni will do or be better should in their regime(s). With their visible greed and willingness to trade African values and solidarity for their own rise to power, it's logically hard to expect better! If one visited Refugee settlements in the country or talked to Asylum seem seekers / refugees themselves and knew the full depth of their plight, they would be extremely careful about Western interference and political strife!

Left uninterrupted, I am convinced that Uganda with her enormous human and natural resources and potential can elevate herself to the desired socio-economic and political transformation! Why has conflict persisted in DR Congo, South Sudan, and Nigeria? It's simple natural resource wealth! Who fuels it? With all our minerals -and now oil, is Uganda safe? Let's forget about Western support, engage with and support our African leaders in deterring any unsolicited, irrelevant and controversial foreign impositions (however slight) in the management of our Affairs and undermining our national Sovereignty.

We have witnessed very recently a team of African leaders coming in to persuade former Gambian President, Yahya Jemmah to relinquish power to his opponent a thing he had refused to do!

Finally, especially President Museveni should know that the worst enemies of his regime aren't in the Opposition, Media or the Kawukumi in Police, but they're within and around him in the sanctuary of State House, in most government agencies and Office of The President. Their conduct doesn't only defile the honor of the state but they also as broke people with useful and sensitive information and ideas from getting to / reaching him! I am a victim myself!


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