Archbishop Lwanga asked the newly ordained priests and deacons to be faithful to the promises of celibacy and obedience that they had made.
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Priests and deacons ordained at Rubaga
Archbishop Lwanga asks the newly ordained priests and deacons to be faithful to the promises of celibacy and obedience that they made.

PIC: newly ordained deacons and priests taking their vows at Sacred Heart of Mary Cathedral Rubaga on Saturday. (Credit: Juliet Lukwago)


Kampala Archdiocese ordained 16 Priests and fourteen Deacons on Saturday.

The colorful ceremony held at Sacred Heart of Mary Cathedral Rubaga was led by the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, graced by retired bishop of Hoima, Edward Albert Baharagate, vicar general of Kampala, Msgr Charles Kasibante, second vicar Msgr Dr Lawrence Ssemussu, several priests, religious leaders and hundreds of thousands  of Christians. 

Priests and deacons were ordained after eight and seven years of study respectively. 

Before the mass, the visibly excited deacons and seminarians were seen in lines being ushered into the church in company of their parents who later handed them over to Archbishop Lwanga for ordination.

The Church would be filled with ululations from the parents, guardians and friends whenever names of the new priests and deacons were called out for ordination.

In his homily, Dr. Lwanga acknowledged each one's contribution right from the parents, catechists to the formation directors for the great work done in nurturing the newly ordained to help in evangelisation, administration of sacraments and defending the Roman Catholic Church.

Archbishop Lwanga urged the new priests to be true witnesses of Christ in priestly vows and in all duties of priesthood so that people can see Christ in them.  

Dr. Lwanga urged the entire congregation to exercise restraint on earthly desires and strive to be true in their life. Greed, murder, hatred and envy are evil that abuse the spirit of unity and yet a Christian and the Catholic Church builds on the principal of love and unity.

Newly ordained priests bless Archbishop Lwanga after ordaining them

Archbishop Lwanga urged the ordained priests and deacons to live a holy life just like Jesus Christ did.

At the same occasion the prelate clarified on the way they chose candidates to be ordained. He said a certain parent had asked for the procedure followed during the selection. "It is not a procedure as some people may say, but each seminarian has records in each seminary he studies from. The church looks at those records to select candidates." 

He asked them to be good to people God has sent them to serve and also to be responsible priests and deacons and to always remember that the service they have entered is to carry the cross. 

Archbishop Lwanga asked the newly ordained priests and deacons to be faithful to the promises of celibacy and obedience that they had made. He called the congregation to pray for newly priests and deacons.

 Lwanga, however, acknowledged that some Catholics were reluctant to receive the sacrament of Penance, in fear of declaring their sins to the priests who know them.

"The confession box is like a bathroom where you are supposed to clean yourself of all the dirt. So, you are supposed to tell the priest all your sins so that he can forgive you in the name of Jesus, further to counseling you. 

"If you feel that the priest knows a lot about you, look for another one who doesn't know you, instead of keeping sins." 

PIC: Ronald Kyambadde (deacon) and others to be ordained, lead their parents and other Christians into the Church

Lwanga later asked the congregation to live out the Catholic values, to love the faith and also defend it.

Those ordained to the priesthood were Reverend Fathers Andrew Kato of Nabulaggala parish, Gerald Kiganda of Nabitalo, Stephen Lugonvu of Mengo-Kisenyi, Thaddaeus Kyekulidde Mubiru of Buloba, Mathias Ssentongo of Katende, Stephen Mayanja of Kisubi, Alexander Kambagira of Kisubi, Joseph Kanamala of Jinja-Kalooli, Stephen Mayanja of Kisubi, Martin Masiira of Nkozi, Joseph Bassi of Katende, John Bosco Sserumanga of Nakulabye, Bro. Deacon Kyagulanyi of Nakawuka, Andrew Nanseera of Buloba, Alex Ssemwogerere, Peter Kavuma of Busega,  and Joseph Mugamba of Jinja-Kalooli. 

 PIC: Fr. Thaddaeus Kyekulidde Mubiru address the congregation on behalf of his ordained priests at Rubaga Cathedral on Saturday


The deacons included William Raphael Ggayi, Julius Kanyike, Fred Kasereka, Ronald Kazibwe, Ronald Kyambadde, Andrew Brian Mayega, Timothy Lukananso, Henry Mubiru, Victor Mubiru, John Lutaaya, Nicholas Mulumba, Matia Nteza, John Mary Walugembe and Raymond Ssebbina. 

Fr Thaddaeus Kyekulidde on behalf of the newly ordained priests and deacons thanked the Archbishop for ordaining them and promised to be humble and respectful in their service.