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Uganda's leading farmer Tonny Kidega thriving

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Kidega offers free consultancy to farmers who live near his farm.

Uganda's leading farmer Tonny Kidega thriving

Kidega offers free consultancy to farmers who live near his farm.


If Gulu Uganda Dairy Farm in Gulu district is anything to go by, then Dr Tonny Kidega is a very organised farmer. It is no wonder is emerged as winner of Uganda's Best Farmer Competition 2015.




His farm is clean, highly integrated, well-equipped (tractors, planter, manure spreader, silage chopper, etc).

It is also a self-sustaining/serving (silage, filed manure fertilization, artificial insemination, vet services, cooler), and extremely well-managed farm.




On Kidega's farm are dairy herd kept and managed under highly intensive and hygienic conditions.

By the way, despite it being a dairy farm, there is no smell.




"My project is giving me good money and I think that everyone should learn from it. My intention is to inspire as many other people as possible," says the veterinary doctor, who is over 30 years old.




Gulu, where Kidega set up his farm, is not a traditional cattle keeping area, but he says this does not mean that commercial dairy farming cannot be practised there.

His farm, which sits on over 30 acres, is strategically located near River Aswa, which ensures sufficient water supply to irrigate the farm and cater for the animals.




Kidega has a wealth of knowledge about dairy keeping. It is the very reason he started engaging in the production of yoghurt.

The milking unit is fully equipped with vacuum milk units linked to the cooler, feeding units and resting shed that are cleaned twice a day.




Kidega offers free consultancy to farmers who live near his farm, which has helped improve the quality of the animals they breed. He helps them administer medicine to the animals and do cross-breeding at a low cost.

In fact, he even has university interns (pictured immediately below), who are keen on what he does.




It's fresh and healthy!

That's what Kidega promises his market of the yoghurt he is producing: Gulu Country Dairy Yoghurt




And while you are enjoying some of that delicious yoghurt, there is some spiritual inspiration for you:

"Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (Corinthians 10:31)




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