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Pastors contributing to poverty - Bishop Egesa

By Paul Watala

Added 30th July 2018 12:53 PM

The Bible makes it very clear that whoever does not want to work should also not eat

The Bible makes it very clear that whoever does not want to work should also not eat

Bishop Samuel Egesa of Bukedi Diocese has said that shallow theology being practiced by some clergy is encouraging laziness among followers that think prayers can eradicate poverty in their homes without hard work.

"As the clergy, we should stop practicing shallow theology of discouraging our followers from working and thinking that prayers can answer everything without getting involved in work," Egesa said.

"In fact, as the clergy, we need to be at the forefront of discouraging laziness among our followers and tell them that God blesses the work of our hands. We should focus on the prosperity gospel in our churches," Egesa added.

Egesa made the remarks on Sunday during anniversary celebrations of the launch Lugwere Bible, held at St James Church of Uganda, Budaka.

Egesa said the Bible makes it very clear that whoever does not want to work should also not eat, adding that depending on prayer requests on radios from pastors will continue making families slaves to poverty.

"As men of God should stop misleading the children of God. I am a Bishop and believe in prayers and hard work because you cannot be ambassador of God without working," he added.

Egesa appealed to fellow clergymen to encourage families to get involved in government development programmes as the only way their eradicate poverty in their homes.

"Recently I got disturbed when I saw one of the pastors on television telling the people that soon all the buildings in Kampala will belong to those who are saved even if they do not work but as long as they keep on praying," he said.

Egesa noted that families with heads that do not want to work hard are always full of domestic violence cases and children that do not go to school. He added that discouraging followers from working hard will encourage theft and other crimes.

He also warned clergymen against burdening followers by begging from them, adding that they should also get involved in government programmes to eradicate poverty in their households.

"We should get involved in agriculture and other government development programmes instead of begging. You cannot be ambassador of God without working," he reiterated.

He also thanked the ruling NRM government for opening up space for freedom of worship, adding that it should not be abused.

"The challenge is that there are those are that attempting to abuse the freedom. We should use it to make our communities better places to stay and stop religious fights," he said.

Egesa used the same opportunity to sound a warning against fathers that turn their daughters into their wives, adding that it is against the Bible's teachings and that God condemns it in the strongest terms.

He appealed to parents to support their children while in school, adding that if parents do not support them, more so girls will be forced to get support from other sources at a cost.

Kabweri MP Jonathan Gonahasa Zindula also appealed to President Yoweri Museveni to fulfil the financial pledge towards completion of the Old Testament Lugwere Bible translation.

"The President during the launch of the New Testament translation made pledge of sh80m but I have tried follow it up through the minister for the presidency but all in vain," Gonahasa said.

Canon Eng. Jonathan Mwedde, the chairperson of the anniversary organising committee, said the Lugwere Bible ushered in a fresh era of unity among the people of all walks of life, creating opportunities for strengthening cultural and family ties while expounding Bagwere historical values.

He said that attitude towards the common goals of the people of Uganda has been realised, adding that the launch of the Bible was a landmark in the history of the Bagwere community.

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