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Nakiwala launches Mandela book

By Francis Emorut

Added 27th July 2018 10:30 AM

Nakiwala advised the students to use dialogue to solve any kind of conflict.

Nakiwala launches Mandela book

Nakiwala advised the students to use dialogue to solve any kind of conflict.

PIC: Nakiwala and other officials at the launch of the Mandela book at Nabisunsa. (Credit: Francis Emorut)


KAMPALA- While the rest of the world commemorated the former South African President, Nelson Mandela on his birthday, students of Nabisunsa Girls School composed songs in Zulu in praise of the world's celebrated icon.

During a memorial lecture for Mandela Day at the school campus, the students sang songs in Zulu preaching peace, harmony and peaceful co-existence.

They were also advised to stand for the values the former President stood for.

"I would like to inform you that Mandela stood for peaceful co-existence and good governance. It is this advisable in case of conflict that you always opt to peacefully and amicably resolve matters," Janat Mukwaya the minister of Gender, Labour, Social and Development said.

This is contained in her speech read by the state youth minister, Sarah Kiyingi Nakiwala.

The minister encouraged students to use dialogue to solve conflicts and not resort to violence as a means of addressing differences that occur in the course of their studies.

"We advocate for dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution rather than using means that cause havoc, destruction and long lasting negative impact on the lives of many," she said.

"Let us emulate what Mandela stood for and the legacy he left behind. Let us be selfless. Let us provide the highest level of service whatever sacrifice it may require."

Prof. Syed Abidi of Makerere University appealed to the students to work hard and respect the elders in communities and be patriotic.

"Mandela's dream was to see the people in the world exercise peaceful co-existence and mutual respect for one another, equal rights where is there is no exploitation but honesty that is what you should strive for," Prof. Abidi told students and teachers.

Minister, Nakiwala with Nabisunsa students during the alunch. (Credit: Francis Emorut)

He advised the students to sacrifice their personal interests for the interests of the nation like Mandela did.

"Mandela sacrificed his personal interest for the national interest. This is a message for you," he stated.

He also pointed out that there is need to bring justice in all social and political spheres of life because that is what Mandela subscribed to.

The chairman of Always Be Tolerant Moses Musana pledged to continue preaching the gospel of peaceful co-existence among different communities in the country.

"We have chosen to commemorate this event through institutions of learning because we are convinced about its multiplier effect and impact on the communities. You become ambassadors of national and international commitment to peaceful co-existence," Musana stated.

"Let us strive to work together, live together in harmony. In doing this we should be paying tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela."

The headteacher of Nabisunsa Girls School , Zulaika Nabukeera Kabuye, commended Musana's organisation for choosing her school to commemorate Mandela Day as this will inspire students to emulate the celebrated world icon who would be 100 years today if he was alive.

The minister launched a book for Mandela Day.

Mandela, who died in 2013, remains a global icon for his long struggle against white-minority apartheid rule and for his message of peace and reconciliation after being freed following 27 years in prison.

He was imprisoned under the apartheid rule in 1962 and only freed in 1990, when he went on to lead the African National Congress party to victory in the first multi-race elections in 1994.

The UN General Assembly declared July 18, Mandela International Day in recognition of his contribution.

The memorial lecture was organised by Always Be Tolerant a non-governmental organisation.

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