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Bulambuli Woman MP thrown out of LC1 meeting

By Paul Watala

Added 9th July 2018 11:13 AM

Wekomba lost her temper, picked her hand bag and stormed out of the meeting as members in the meeting looked on helplessly.

Bulambuli Woman MP thrown out of LC1 meeting

Wekomba lost her temper, picked her hand bag and stormed out of the meeting as members in the meeting looked on helplessly.

 PIC: Bulambuli NRM party leaders in the meeting to discuss LC1 elections. (Credit: Paul Watala) 


Bulambuli District Woman Member of Parliament Sarah Wekomba was on Saturday thrown out of Bulambuli National Resistance Movement LC1 flagbearers meeting.

Wekomba arrived at the venue at the district hall at midday and took her seat before the Bulambuli NRM chairperson Paul Kimamate and other district party leaders had arrived.

In less than an hour, the Bulambuli NRM party leaders and other NRM Members of Parliament arrived led by energy minister Irene Muloni.

National anthems were sung and Bulambuli NRM district chairperson Kimamate took up the microphone and made introduction of the members that were supposed to attend the meeting.

Kimamate refused to introduce the Bulambuli Woman Member of Parliament to members on ground that she was not among the members supposed to attend that particular meeting.

"The invitations was clear that only District chairperson, Members of parliament, district councilors flag bearers, district executive committee, sub-county NRM chairpersons, LC3 flag bearers and chairperson women league at sub-county were meant to attend this meeting," Kimamate said.

"I did not intend to chase anybody out of the meeting, but I am following the guidelines from the secretariat. I did not invite her because I was not guided to do so," Kimamate added.

Wekomba lost her temper, picked her hand bag and stormed out of the meeting as members in the meeting looked on helplessly.

Nyashiyo Mudimi picked the microphone from Kimamate and attempted to call back Wekomba, but she rejected the invitation from Mudimi.

"Please let somebody go and call back Wekomba to attend the meeting. Last week, president Museveni held meetings with independents and asked them to go to their constituencies and mobilise LC1 NRM chairperson flag bearers," Mudimi said.

However, Wekomba expressed her concern and attacked NRM party leaders in Bulambuli of sidelining her, adding that being on independent ticket does not mean she cannot support NRM party activities.

"I am a Woman Member of Parliament for Bulambuli district and before contesting on independent ticket, I used to subscribe to NRM party. We as leaders should work towards unity and development instead of fighting each other," Wekomba said.

"I did not intend to attend this meeting, but I wanted to just wish my people good deliberations. But if that is the decision, then stay in your meeting," she added

National Resistance Movement Flag bearers also decried poor facilitation from the party, adding that even monthly salary for LC1 chairperson of sh10,000 was too little and yet they do a lot on the ground.

Mudimi also hailed Bulambuli residents for electing National Resistance Movement Women league flag bearers up to 97%, adding that leaders should mobilise communities to vote for NRM flag candidates.

He appealed to district NRM party leaders to organise the house and shun people that are trying to fuel conflicts and cause disunity among the party members.

He also attacked opposition leaders who traverse the villages spreading harmful propaganda, saying Members of Parliament were given sh300,000 as facilitation for NRM LC1 flag bearers.

He also warned voters against drinking before going to vote, adding that the voting process will only last 30 minutes.

The minister for Energy and minerals, Irene Muloni, warned NRM party members against supporting Opposition and Independent candidates, adding that it is a sign of indiscipline that can be subjected to disciplinary action.

"I appeal to you to do what it takes to mobilise both NRM and opposition to go and vote. When you elect Opposition and Independents, it will affect service delivery in Bulambuli and affect resource flow from the National cake," Muloni said.

"We should not play with LC1 chairperson positions because it is sensitive to the party and development of the country. President Yoweri Museveni tells us the strength of the party starts at the grass root," Muloni said. 

Muloni said Bulambuli used to vote for NRM up to 99%, but now the support is coming down to 87% and attributed it to infighting in the party at the district, urging people to shun leaders that spread harmful propaganda.

"I appeal to fellow women to support NRM party candidates. Should vote responsible people and first look at their records. Do not vote for leaders who will be a challenge to security personnel," she said.

She promised the party members to vote NRM candidates 100%  and promised to organise a party and be able to meet the President.


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