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England beat Colombia 4-3 on penalties to storm quarter-finals

By Joseph Kizza

Added 3rd July 2018 08:37 PM

England knock out Colombia to reach the last-eight

England beat Colombia 4-3 on penalties to storm quarter-finals

England knock out Colombia to reach the last-eight


Live reporting by Joseph Kizza





12:20am       Good night

(England beat Colombia 4-3 on penalties)

OK, I will leave it here.






12:15am       And then there were eight

(England beat Colombia 4-3 on penalties)

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been thinned down to eight teams.

Europe dominates the quarter-final menu. Each fixture has its own delicious toppings. Take your pick.

Personally, Brazil v Belgium will be the juiciest.





12:15am       European clash - Sweden v England next

(England beat Colombia 4-3 on penalties)

England will next face Sweden (who knocked out Switzerland in the earlier game) in the quarter-finals.




12:12am       Dealing with football heartbreak

(England beat Colombia 4-3 on penalties)

That's quite a difficult question to pose to a Colombian (fan).

Tonight's was the third knockout match to be decided on a penalty shootout at this tournament.

Colombia were on the losing end at end of the dreaded spotkicks, leaving their passionate supporters understandably inconsolable.

Some decided to wail their disappointment out . . .



Others were left forlorn and wondering what could have been . . .



Others stared right through the emptiness before them, perhaps wondering how ruthless this sport can be . . .



For some, disappointment is hard to stare at - and the feeling that the earth should open up and shallow them up becomes ever real . . .








Tenth penalty: GOAL - Eric Dier (England)

Ninth penalty: MISSED - Carlos Bacca (Colombia)

Eighth penalty: GOAL - Kieran Trippier (England)

Seventh penalty: MISSED - Mateus Uribe (Colombia)

Sixth penalty: MISSED - Jordan Henderson (England)

Fifth penalty: GOAL - Luis Muriel (Colombia)

Fourth penalty: GOAL - Marcus Rashford (England)

Third penalty: GOAL - Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)

Second penalty: GOAL - Harry Kane (England)

First penalty: GOAL - Radamel Falcao (Colombia)





(Colombia 1 England 1)

No one change fate. It was meant to happen. We shall have penalties.

It has to end here tonight.

This is the first time in World Cup history that three matches are decided on a penalty shootout at the knockout stage.

Russia v Spain, Croatia v Denmark . . . and now Colombia v England





(Colombia 1 England 1)

One more minute to the dreaded penalty shootout.

Who can salvage something here?

Who change the course here?



119min    Tick! Tock!

(Colombia 1 England 1)

The inevitability of penalties grows by the  second.

Prayers amongst the crowd.

Teeth acting the role of nail cutters.




  117min    YELLOWCARD - Cuadrado (Colombia)

(Colombia 1 England 1)

That was reckless by Juan Cuadrado on Danny Rose.


Desperation at its highest here.




112min     CLOSE! - Rose (England)

(Colombia 1 England 1)

How close was that!

Suddenly, Jordan Henderson breaches the Colombian defence, he threads the ball into the path of Danny Rose, who has an acute angle to score from.

He won't find the net, as he sees the ball roll agonisingly past the goalmouth and out of play.

That could have well been the winner.




109min     OUCH! - Walker (England)

(Colombia 1 England 1)

Kyle Walker limps after a challenge as the direct effects of 109 minutes of football show. He appears to have got a cramp in the leg, but the England defender must carry on.




106min     CLOSE! - Vardy (England)

(Colombia 1 England 1)

Jamie Vardy starts off England's business with a hot shot on target. David Ospina has the ball safe in his gloves, but still, Vardy was already offside.




105(+1)min     Still all-square

(Colombia 1 England 1)

That's the end of the first-half of extra time after one minute of added time only does well to tire those 22 pairs of legs on the pitch even the more.

Well, 22 + the officials'.





103min     SUBSTITUTION - England

(Colombia 1 England 1)

An exhausted Ashley Young is off for England.



100min     Colombia pressing

(Colombia 1 England 1)

The overbearing weight of exhaustion is taking its toll - and it is showing more evidently on the English side of this contest.

More evidence is Colombia's huffing and puffing. They are playing on reserves.

Falcao and co are looking for the winner.



96min     Penalties on the way

(Colombia 1 England 1)

The penalty shootout cloud is looming large over Spartak Stadium.

The atmosphere is vociferous.




92min     OUCH! - Young and Arias

(Colombia 1 England 1)

That hurt. We are back for extra time, and not very long, Ashley Young and Santiago Arias are involved in a clash of legs.

England get the freekick though, as the crowd raises the volume.





Both teams' medical teams are busy. They have to find every means possible to inspire 30 more minutes of playing time from those exhausted legs.





(Colombia 1 England 1)

The referee has let the game drag on a little over the five minutes of added time.

He finally calls time to a dramatic finale.

We shall have 30 minutes of extra-time, thanks to Yerry Mina's brilliance.







  90(+3)min     GOAL! - Mina (Colombia)

(Colombia 1 England 1)

Oh dearie me!

What was that again?

A goal for Colombia! A last-gasp goal for Colombia, coming from a corner and headed powerfully by Yerry Mina beyond the reach of Jordan Pickford and a helpless Kieran Trippier.

We have an equaliser!

That is Mina's third goal in three matches at this World Cup.






90(+2)min     CLOSE! - Colombia

(Colombia 0 England 1)

A counter attack. Colombia have the ball.

NO! Corner. Keeper David Ospina runs to the England box to get involved.

This could get interesting, ladies and gentlemen!




(Colombia 0 England 1)

England have five minutes to hold on - and keep off any sort of Colombia pressure.

Colombia have five minutes to find the equaliser.

Can they? Will they?




87min     SUBSTITUTION - Colombia & England

(Colombia 0 England 1)

England take off Raheem Sterling. Jamie Vardy is on.

Colombia also make a late change. Luis Muriel steps on in place of Juan Quintero.




84min     Looking back

(Colombia 0 England 1)

England beat Colombia 2-0 in their only previous World Cup encounter thanks to goals from Darren Anderton and David Beckham in the group stage of the 1998 tournament. 

They are on course to bettering that streak here at the Spartak Stadium.



81min     CLOSE!  - Cuadrado (Colombia)

(Colombia 0 England 1)

Perhaps we could have been saying we are back on course for extra time. But Colombian Juan Cuadrado fires into the crowd once played through during a blistering counter attack.



79min     SUBSTITUTION - England

(Colombia 0 England 1)

England introduce Eric Dier in place of Dele Alli, who has not been in good shape for some time in this half now.



77min     SUBSTITUTION - Colombia

(Colombia 0 England 1)

Carlos Sanchez is off and on comes Mateus Uribe.

Time is running out for Colombia though.





(Colombia 0 England 1)

It was a BIG goal.

And England's supporters erupted in the wildest of ways.







68min     Time running out for Colombia

(Colombia 0 England 1)

Against Senegal in the group stage, Colombia did not register a single touch inside the opposition penalty area until the 57th minute.

Well, here against England, they did have a few touches inside the area in the opening half, but they will need more of them if they are to find the leveler.

Twenty-two minutes left on the clock to execute that.




65min     Young at 'hurt'

(Colombia 0 England 1)

Ashley Young, who has free spirit on the left flank, is down after being brought down mid-attack.

The Manchester United winger stays down for some time, needing medical attention.

A quick test confirms that he is still good to carry on. Sighs of relief from the English crowd.





  63min     YELLOWCARD - Bacca (Colombia)

(Colombia 0 England 1)

Make that yellowcard number five for Colombia!

Carlos Bacca, who has not been on for long, is booked. That was quick.

This game is getting more and more difficult to manage for the American referee.





  61min     YELLOWCARD - Falcao (Colombia)

(Colombia 0 England 1)

Colombia captain Radamel Falcao will have to cool down here.

He is the offender here and goes into the referee's book to become the fourth Colombian player to be yellowcarded tonight.



60min     SUBSTITUTION - Colombia

(Colombia 0 England 1)

Colombia, now a goal down, make the first change of the night. Carlos Bacca is on for Jefferson Lerma.







  57min     GOAL - Kane (England)

(Colombia 0 England 1)

He does not miss often, Harry Kane. He has already scored from the spot twice before at this tournament and now the England striker makes it yet another goal from the spot.

Make that six goals in total for the England forward at this tournament.






53min     PENALTY - England

(Colombia 0 England 0)

Here we go again. Carlos Sanchez pulls down Harry Kane during the resulting corner inside the box.

Penalty for England and yellow card for Sanchez, who pleads innocent.

Kane versus Ospina.





51min     YELLOWCARD - Arias (Colombia)

(Colombia 0 England 0)

England get another freekick after Santiago Arias knocks Harry Kane during a mid-air challenge.

Arias is booked, before Ashley Young delivers the kick, which is headed out for a corner by Davinson Sanchez.



47min     Can Kane 'Harry' up the goals?

(Colombia 0 England 0)

He loves to score. He has scored already at this World Cup.

But can Harry Kane bang in those goals?






   KICKOFF! - Second half underway

(Colombia 0 England 0)

We return, and this time, England get us underway.






9:56pm     HALF TIME - Falcao isolated

(Colombia 0 England 0)

The opening half has not produced the most spectacular of actions of this tournament, but we have seen some flashes of England's threat at the front.

In contrast, Colombia have laboured going forward, with lone striker Radamel Falcao struggling to get fed. In fact, the Colombian skipper had not more than five touches inside the English penalty box.





    HALF TIME - No goals yet

(Colombia 0 England 0)

We can't say there is anything that separates these two sides. Not even 45 minutes of action.

The half-time whistle goes.





(Colombia 0 England 0)

We haven't had any goals yet and you can sense the unease and anxiety around the Spartak Stadium.

Referee Mark Geiger will soon call this one out. But first, three minutes of additional time before the break.





43min     OUCH! - Alli (England)

(Colombia 0 England 0)

Colombia make a move. Falcao is in the mix of things with Quintero. They look menancing.

But the Colombian captain blasts his shot right in the delicate region of Dele Alli. Any man knows just how painful that can be.






    YELLOWCARD - Barrios (Colombia)

(Colombia 0 England 0)

But before that freekick can be taken, a melee ensues at the wall. It's rough but it won't be tough for the referee. There is lots of shoving and pushing from both sides.

Wilmar Barrios is shown the first yellow of the night, before eventually Kieran Trippier whipping the freekick off-target.




38min     Good spot for a freekick - England

(Colombia 0 England 0)

Jefferson Lerma fells Harry Kane right on the edge of the box.

Freekick for England.

Oh, but wait . . .



35min     Five wins, two draws

(Colombia 0 England 0)

Colombia have not been beaten in eight games against European sides since head coach Jose Pekerman took charge six years ago.

They have won six and drawn two. Clean.



31min     Falcao and Tippier

(Colombia 0 England 0)

It remains a game begging for at least a goal, but we have seen some personal clashes here and there.

The latest confrontation is between Radamel Falcao and Kieran Trippier.

These two are testing referee Geiger, for sure. The yellow card aint far deep in his pocket, they ought to know.




28min     Rivalry

(Colombia 0 England 0)

As we approach the half-hour mark, it may be useful for you to know that Los Cafeteros - who are Colombia, by the way - have scored in each of their last eight World Cup games.

The last team to stop them scoring in the tournament was England in France 1998.




26min     Fourth corner for England

(Colombia 0 England 0)

At this point of the game, England have had four corners.

They haven't put them to any good use though. In fact, they are as good on the scoreline as Colombia, who haven't had any corner yet.



23min     Can Kane do it?

(Colombia 0 England 0)

Tonight, one man is determined to join the English greats.

If Harry Kane scores against Colombia, he will become the first player to score in six consecutive appearances for England since Tommy Lawton back in 1939.





20min     Brighter from Colombia

(Colombia 0 England 0)

It has turned into a two-way traffic, following England's initial force.

Radamel Falcao (captain) and Quintero are giving the Colombian fans something to cheer about as they make a rare surge towards the English back.

The threat is swiftly dealt with though.



18min     England eyeing win number three

(Colombia 0 England 0)

England have won two of their last eight World Cup knock-out games. If you are interested, you may want to know that their last knock-out victory in the World Cup was when they beat Ecuador 1-0 in the round of 16 in 2006.

Again, they face South American opposition tonight.




15min     CLOSE! - Kane (England)

(Colombia 0 England 0)

Harry Kane going for goal  . . . oh no! The England captain cannot connect with precision.

He heads the ball onto the roof of the net from a well-measured Kieran Trippier cross from the right.

Sustained early pressure from England.



11min     Three times a charm for Colombia

(Colombia 0 England 0)

This is the third time Colombia have made the knock-out stage of the World Cup. The only previous occasion they've made it past the round of 16 was in the Brazil edition (in 2014).

Meanwhile, Quintero and Falcao are working out something useful here for Colombia, but the English defence won't let them linger any much longer in their final third.

Jordan Pickford remains untested.



09min    Oh no, Stones!

(Colombia 0 England 0)

England have another corner. Ashley Young is ready to dice it in. He does, but the whistle goes.

John Stones is guilty of tagging his minder, Jefferson Lerma inside a very crowded Colombian boxy.



07min    England clean on record

(Colombia 0 England 0)

England have remained unbeaten against Colombia in five last duels. Michael Owen scored three times in the most recent match, which England won 3-2 in New Jersey in 2005.




05min    CLOSE! - England

(Colombia 0 England 0)

Yerry Mina has some early work to do at the Colombian back. He has to stop Raheem Sterling in his tracks, to gift England an early freekick on the edge.

It is a good spot to test David Ospina.

Ashley Young whips in the ball but Ospina punches it out, but in the path of more English attack. The result won't do any harm.

Blistering start for Gareth Southgates' men.




02min    Massive voice

(Colombia 0 England 0)

The crowd is restless in these earlier moments of the game.





(Colombia 0 England 0)

And there we go. Colombia tap the ball into motion.

American referee Mark Geiger is plunged into the heart of the action here.




8:57pm    Is it time for Colombia?

(Colombia v England at 9pm)

Colombia have never beaten England. Is tonight their tonight of changing the course of history?

They have the flair, yes. But England have some admirable youthful exuberance about them.



8:55pm    LINEUPS - England

(Colombia v England at 9pm)

England, on the other hand, make use of two strikers (3-5-2)

STARTING XI: Pickford, Maguire, Walker, Stones, Young, Lingard, Henderson, Dele, Trippier, Kane (C), Sterling



8:53pm    LINEUPS - Colombia

(Colombia v England at 9pm)

Colombia are starting with a 4-3-2-1 formation.

STARTING XI: Ospina, Arias, Mojica, Mina, D.Sanchez, Barrios, Lerma, C.Snchez, Cuadrado, Quintero, Falcao (C)




8:47pm    Final knockout stage game

(Colombia v England at 9pm)

You may decide to see it as a balancing act, but whichever tonight's seesaw throws you, we definitely have the promise of a great match ahead.

There is all to play for here.

Hello and welcome to Spartak Stadium in Moscow, where tonight's much-anticipated action will unfold across 90 (or who knows, 120) minutes of football.

You will miss out if you fail to refresh this page for updates.






8:45pm    Who has last laugh - and final last-eight spot?

(Colombia v England at 9pm)

France, Uruguay, Russia, Croatia, Brazil, Belgium and Sweden are through to the 2018 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals. One more place is up for grabs.

Who will snatch it?

A huge clash to decide that is coming up shortly.



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