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Buganda Kingdom mourns Fr Tebukozza
Fr Tebukozza passed on at Nsambya Hospital, on Monday, May 28 at the age of 82.
Mathias Mazinga
PIC: Fr Tebukozza passed on at Nsambya Hospital, on Monday. (Credit: Matthias Mazinga)
NSAMBYA - The Kingdom of Buganda has paid tribute to Reverend Father Francis Xavier SekimpiTebukozza, an assistant parish-priest of St Peter's Catholic Parish, Nsambya.
Fr Tebukozza passed on at Nsambya Hospital, on Monday, May 28 at the age of 82.
Tebukozza, who died after a pneumonia attack, attracted wonderful attributes during his funeral service at Nsambya Catholic Church on Wednesday.
The Buganda Kingdom Chief of Makindye Sub-County, Semambo Musa Musisi Musokespoke highly of Tebukozza's love and commitment to Buganda and the Kabaka.
"FrTebukozza has been amazing. Although he was a highly learned and knowledgeable priest, he remained deeply devoted to his culture.
"His love for the Kingdom of Buganda and the Kabaka was also outstanding. He always attended the cultural functions of his clan further to supporting the various causes of the kingdom.
"He responded generously to the project of Ettoffaali, towards which he contributed sh555,500. We shall always miss his love and generosity,"Semmambo said.
In his message that was delivered by Dr Ben Kiwanuka, the Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga also acknowledged with deep appreciation the good will that Tebukozza had for the Church, the kingdom of Buganda and Uganda at large.
"He was always mindful to buy the Buganda Certificate, every year, to make it possible for the Kabaka to get some money, which he uses to give bursaries to some needy students in all the 112 districts of Uganda and also to organise free medical camps for the needy.
"He was a wise counselor, a resourceful and humble minister of the Church. We shall always remember his charitable works with joy and respect."

Buganda officials lay the Buganda flag on Tebukkoza's casket on Monday. (Credit: Matthias Mazinga)

Earlier during mass, the Vicar General of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Kampala, Msgr Charles Kasibante (the homilist) praised Tebukozza as an exemplary priest of the Catholic Church, who preached the gospel with utmost dedication and contentedness.
The parish-priest of Nsambya, Fr Joseph Ssemanda marveled at FrTebukkozza's generosity and humble disposition.
"Our brother FrTebukozza was friendly, humble and approachable. He always wished others well. If there was any cause that needed to be solved, he would respond immediately with a financial donation or advice. His sense of humour and social disposition was also remarkable."
The Metropolitan Archbishop of Kampala, Dr Cyprian KizitoLwanga asked the priests and the religious men and women to emulate the sacerdotal commitment and character of FrTebukozza, who he described as a "good priest."
A brief on FrTebukozza
Rev Fr Francis Xavier Tebkozza was born on January 1, 1939 to the late Philomena and Emmanuel Mugwire, who lived at Katende, Mpigi district.
He attended Katende PS, Kisubi Minor Seminary and Katigondo National Major Seminary. He was ordained a priest by Archbishop Dr Joseph Kiwanuka on December 19, 1965.
He was subsequently appointed as curate and parish-priest to parishes like Kijaguzo, Nswanjere Junior Seminary and Nazigo. In 1981, he was appointed as the Editor of Munno (a newspaper of the Catholic Church) and Musizi (a monthly Catholic magazine).
He was later appointed to Kisubi Minor Seminary as bursar (1987) before being sent to parishes like Nabbingo, Gombe, Katende, Kankobe and finally, Nsambya.
Tebukozza was buried at St Peter's Catholic Church, Nsambya, on Wednesday (May 30).


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