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Conquering Africa's highest mountain

By Samuel Lutwama

Added 21st April 2018 02:02 PM

It only takes one to challenge oneself to get there.

Conquering Africa's highest mountain

It only takes one to challenge oneself to get there.

PIC: Sylvia Namusisi felt a huge sense of accomplishment - and rightly so - after scaling Mt Kilimanjaro. (Courtesy photo)


THE KILIBOOK: A journey to the highest point of Africa

In 2017, a year after losing her father, Sylvia Namusisi decided to do something to challenge herself.

And one idea that popped up in her mind was to scale Africa's highest mountain - Kilimanjaro.

Oozing an overpowering sense of determination, Namusisi immediately took up the idea.

"I felt there was nothing impossible for me to achieve if I focused strongly on it. I love myself too much to give up on me," she captures her sentiments in the book she wrote about her adventure.

Hers was a daring trek up and down the 5,895m Kilimanjaro located in Tanzania.

She relays her perilous but exciting journey in 32 pages of THE KILIBOOK: A journey to the highest point of Africa, in which she poignantly describes how she hatched the idea and how she turned it into reality.

Namusisi interacts with guides at Uhuru Peak, the highest point on Mt Kilimanjaro. (Courtesy photo)

Of course she faced challenges along her venture to the to the dizzying heights of Africa -  right from initial doubts about the mission, to packing climbing gear, braving the cold and battling high altitude sickness.

Namusisi's story is filled with colorful descriptions of Africa's natural environment; its people and vases of culture, and her book captures exactly that.

The scenery at the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a sight to behold and her zeal to conquer the mountain is testament that when you set your sight upon anything, you can achieve it.

It only takes one to challenge oneself to get there.

Namusisi's book is full of captivating photographs at every stage of her journey, up and down the imposing mountain, creating a rich blend of text and pictures.

She hopes that she can inspire courage into those considering undertaking seemingly difficult endeavors in their lives.

Namusisi draws from her personal experience to show that in life, people fail to listen to their inner voices, yet if they heeded such voices around them, they could reach their full potential.

"The adventure is still vivid and fresh. I will forever cherish it," she says.

Born and bred in a Christian family, Namusisi says the experience reinforced her spirituality and as a strong believer, she wants to use her adventure to inspire others.



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