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Museveni tips on election of leaders

By Apollo Mubiru

Added 3rd April 2018 03:21 PM

"To choose an active and constructive leader in politics means promoting development," President Yoweri Museveni says in Ntungamo.

Museveni tips on election of leaders

"To choose an active and constructive leader in politics means promoting development," President Yoweri Museveni says in Ntungamo.

(Photo source: Twitter/President Yoweri Museveni)


President Yoweri Museveni, who is also the national chairman of the NRM party, has urged Ugandans who embrace national development to always choose leaders that promote infrastructural development.

"I congratulate you and thank you for supporting the NRM. To choose an active and constructive leader in politics means promoting development.

"When Ruhaama County was being led by the Opposition, there was no development, not until Mama Janet Museveni came to represent you as an MP that you started receiving government services - electricity, tarmac roads, schools and health facilities.

"This is because Mama Janet Museveni had in mind a commitment for national development," Museveni said.

He was speaking in Ruhaama County in Ntungamo district on Monday during celebrations to mark NRM's victory in the recent by-election.

Moses Kahima Mugabe was elected as the new area MP following the death of William Zinkuratiire.

The President was accompanied by the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni who is the Ntungamo District NRM Chairperson and also former Ruhaama Constituency legislator.

"Looking at the development perspective, what is the religion of poverty? What is the religion of tribalism or being unpatriotic or fighting against women emancipation? I thank you for adhering to NRM method of work, for voting wisely for the new MP. Keep it up," he said.

Museveni appealed to the people of the area in particular and Uganda as whole to endeavour to conserve the natural environment especially the wetlands.

He challenged parents to take time off their busy schedules and endeavor to guide the youth about the disadvantages of leading risky life styles so that they avoid HIV/AIDS scourge. He also called on parents to mind so much about the good nutrition of children if they value effective development of the brains of the young people.

He announced a pledge of 400 corrugated roofing iron sheets and other building materials for Kahiija Primary School.

On her part Janet Museveni thanked Ruhaama County electorate and NRM leaders for being open, transparent and for their overwhelming support to the NRM Party.

"With the support of the new MP, Kahima Moses, Ruhaama and Ntungamo District will prosper, she noted. She added that Ruhaama County should be nurtured as a model for development for others to learn from," Mrs Museveni said.

The new MP Mugabe pledged loyalty "to the Movement system of governance throughout my life time".

He said that the celebrations marked the victory of NRM and served to extend appreciation to the electorate for supporting the Movement in their area. He revealed that development projects have taken and will continue to take route in the areas as exemplified by the construction and tarmacking of Mirama Hills road.

Mugabe disclosed that plans are underway to build the Eriya Kategaya Memorial School, the construction of Maama Janet Museveni Girls' School and the extension of electricity deeper into rural areas, among others.

Ntungamo District MP Beatrice Rwakimari observed that the big turnout by the people at the ceremony was a reflection that the local communities commend the government's infrastructure programmes and services' delivery in the area.


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