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Focus on people's agenda, Lwanga tells government

By Juliet Lukwago

Added 30th March 2018 06:19 PM

Lwanga decried the escalating rate of violence, poverty, human trafficking, rampant murder, abortion as well as promiscuity, violence, land grabbing and conflicts that have rocked the country.

Focus on people's agenda, Lwanga tells government

Lwanga decried the escalating rate of violence, poverty, human trafficking, rampant murder, abortion as well as promiscuity, violence, land grabbing and conflicts that have rocked the country.

The Archbishop of Kampala, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has asked the government to focus on people's agenda. He said the government should strengthen security of the people.

Lwanga mentioned this in his Easter message, which he delivered on behalf of the Uganda Joint Christian Council. Lwnag is the current chairperson of the council that brings toegther all Christian denominations.

Lwanga decried the escalating rate of violence, poverty, human trafficking, rampant murder, abortion as well as promiscuity, violence, land gambling and conflicts among others that have rocked the country.

Full Archbishop Lwanga's Easter Message 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord and all People of Goodwill;

On behalf of the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) family, I wish to take this opportunity to say Happy Easter to all of you as we look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ together with Christians from all over the world.

During this Easter season, the Church echoes once more the astonishing message of the first disciples: "Jesus is risen!" - "He is truly risen, as he said!" (Matthew 28:6)

The ancient feast of Passover (Exodus 12 1-29), was celebrating the commemoration of the liberation of the Hebrew people from slavery, here finds fulfilment. By his resurrection, Jesus Christ has set us free from the slavery of sin and death, and has opened before us the way to eternal life.  (Romans 6: 7-9)

Easter is indeed one of the most remarkable and joyous occasions in the history of Christianity from which we draw great meaning.  It is the story of our redemption. During this time, we remember the life and ministry of Jesus and all the events that finally led to his death. Our Lord Jesus, knowing no sin, was brutally beaten and hanged on the cross to die like a criminal. In meekness, he bore all the punishment to save humanity from sin and destruction. He spent three days in the grave but on the third day, he defeated the enemy of death and rose in victory leaving the tomb empty to the glory of God. This triumphal resurrection truly sets us on a new path of redemption and eternal life.

Word of Thanks
I wish to thank you all men, women and youth who have seriously observed the Lenten fast, works of charity and fasting. Those of you who have sacrificed their time and resources during lent to be at the forefront of helping those in need. I say to you a big thank you! Many of you have sacrificed the little you have to extend a helping hand to the needy. We ask the Good Lord to rewards you abundantly. Even if we are ending the season of Lent, we should not become weary of doing well. In fact, not doing the good as we ought to is sinful (James 4:17). Mathew 7:12, says that, ‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you'.  So let us continue with the spirit of helping those in need even after Easter.

Challenges we are facing today
In the midst of this year's Easter celebrations, we must note that there are so many people facing numerous challenges in our Country today and the world at large. There is an increase in domestic violence, poverty, rampant land conflicts, human trafficking, rampant murder cases, abortions as well as promiscuity etc.

We also have the challenge of building peace, faith, love, hope (1 Cor. 13:13) and discipline in our Families and communities. Our families are supposed to be schools for living a good family life and that loves God and one's neighbor. However in the past few years the family has been reported in the media to be at a stage of neglect and torture to children, spouses washing their dirty linen in public, frequent divorces and even crimes. We all need to work together for the promotion of peace in our families, in our communities, in our society, in our Country and also worldwide. We appeal to all people to fight against all these forms of domestic violence and instability.

The gruesome killings and abductions that are happening against innocent children, women and men in our own towns and villages are also appalling. We condemn in the strongest terms, these unfortunate killings and abductions.

Climatic change and natural disasters which unfortunately are caused by us human beings who were created in God's image hence the stewards of nature which God entrusted to us in Genesis 1:26-28. These have also heavily affected our people, leaving many people homeless and without food to survive on.

Many parents and guardians are unable to afford the costs of education and health services for their families.

Families are in distress due to the land grabbing and evictions and some are evicted without compensation at all. Is this not a systematic and formal theft of our fellow citizens?

The church is also faced with an era where people are moving away from the gospel truths where many, false pastors are preaching the gospel of enrichment to their followers, staging miracles, and making faith and religion material centred other than God-centered! Some people who have been victims of decit are now turning away from God and thus we need to be very alert, watchful, careful and analytical to what we are doing! I call upon all the so many false pastors to obey God's commandments (Ex. 20:3-17) and stop misleading the innocent public.  

To the sick, disabled and to all who are suffering, we the leaders of the Uganda Joint Christian Council would like you to know that God our Loving Father is with you. The Church of Christ in her present form is a voice for the voiceless, the Church shall not give up on its role to extend a helping hand and pray on your behalf, believing that God will see you through, for He promises to be with us through the waters and fires (Isaiah 43:2).

Way forward

We would also like to take this opportunity to make the following appeals:

a) We urge the Government to pay more attention to people's needs especially security by providing all the necessary resources to strengthen the security of the Country, especially the criminal investigation arm of the Government, to curb down the activities of criminal networks and bring the offenders to justice at all levels without fear or favour to anyone, including government officials.

b) We urge all Aid organizations to pay more attention to the needy people around the country, refugees, and displaced people, etc. who are faced with food insecurity and are struggling to make both ends meet on a daily basis.

c) We urge government to continue protecting Ugandans from land grabbing and unwarranted evictions leaving many homeless and hopeless, and to bring the perpetrators to book. We should do all in our powers to protect people as well as their property instead of doing the opposite.

d) We kindly urge Government and International Agencies to address the root causes of why refugees leave their home countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and South Sudan so as to solve the problem once and for all. The African Union should set the concerned Countries on a new path to peace and stability so that they can rebuild their countries for the good of the people.

The Public Way of the Cross
On 30th March, 2018, we shall be having the Ecumenical Way of the Cross to commemorate what Jesus went through on Good Friday. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our invitation to all Christians and people of Good will to join us in celebrating this prayerful occasion which will take part in various parts of the country. The celebrations in Kampala will be held at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School Sports Ground. The function will begin at 8:00a.m with processions from various parts of the City to the said venue. Different Religious leaders will lead the people of God to the above mentioned venue where we shall have an Ecumenical Service from 11:00a.m till 2:00p.m.

I would like to call on all Ugandans and well-wishers to turn up in large numbers for the celebrations of the Joint Way of the Cross from wherever they are. May God bless your journey

Let us turn away from evil and do good (Psalm 34:14). On behalf of all the leaders of the Uganda Joint Christian Council, I wish you all a Happy Easter as we celebrate our Lord's joyous resurrection. Let us kindly conduct ourselves peacefully and modestly during this Easter Season and afterwards in our lives!  All this is said in the name of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Most Rev. Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga


AND ARCHBISHOP OF KAMPALA                       


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