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KCCA FC needs to strengthen to keep up with Africa's best

By James Bakama

Added 20th March 2018 04:28 PM

Mike Mutebi has quite a talented youthful squad.

KCCA FC needs to strengthen to keep up with Africa's best

Mike Mutebi has quite a talented youthful squad.

Kampala City Council Authority Football Club is undoubtedly a trend setter in not only in Uganda, but also the entire East Africa.

Talk of the best professionally run team in this region and KCCA FC is the first name that come up.

And indeed, if results are to be used as a yardstick of any entity, then the Lugogo side is well ahead of other East African clubs.

Of course you have other clubs like Vipers that have also invested a fortune in football development.

But going by results, KCCA are far ahead of the rest of the pack. Qualification to the CAF Champions League is the latest deliverable from Lugogo.

And, that is not a one off. This is at least going by KCCA's consistent triumph on the local scene. That, followed by last year's qualification for the CAF Confederations Cup is a bold statement of the strides taken by the club.

This is of course is a result of unprecedented support from the city authority. No government body in Uganda supports sports like KCCA.

KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi stands out in this venture. She has made it very clear that she won't rest until the club is Africa's best.

This, together with proper club management spearheded by very a very competent chairman and CEO has brought forth the success we are toasting to today.

And who wouldn't want to be associated such success? Is it therefore a surprise that many corporates are willing to invest billions in the club?

But now that KCCA has qualified, it is also time we seriously looked into the club to see what it needs to do to seriously compete on the continental scene.

The CAF Champions League is not your ordinary continental competition. The stakes are high. Clubs invest a fortune to get a good share of the hefty cash prizes at stake.

Mike Mutebi has quite a talented youthful squad. But this is a squad that should be seriously competing in the Champions League in probably three years' time.

In the short term, the best that Mutebi can do is sign more seasoned players. The earliest that can happen is July meaning that KCCA will have to bear with its upcoming talent this season.

KCCA's lack of depth was evident in the St George match. With all his best players on the pitch, Mutebi seemed not to have a Plan B.

Such weaknesses are severely punished when you come against clubs like Al Ahly, Wydad Casablanca or TP Mazsembe.

Now that even more money is streaming into the club there is even more reason to boost the squad.

Isn't it also time KCCA seriously thought of developing its home? A crowd of 6500 is just too small for the Champions League.

All that aside, let's all toast to KCCA.

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