He said Opposition MPS spend all their time criticising the government instead of developing their areas
Wed Mar 14 2018 .
Museveni urges Jinja East to vote Nabeta
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He said Opposition MPS spend all their time criticising the government instead of developing their areas

PIC: President Museveni hands over a flag to Nabeta, the NRM candidate


President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to the people of Jinja Municipality East to vote and bring back to Parliament Igeme Nathan Nabeta in the byeelection slated for Thursday.

Museveni, who is also the national chairperson of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), told voters yesterday  at Kilembe village, Jinja East Constituency in Jinja Municipality that it was not wise for the electorate to vote opposition MP in a multiparty dispensation.

He said Opposition MPS spend all their time criticising the government instead of working with the Government to develop their areas.

The Jinja Municipality East Constituency fell vacant after the Forum for Democratic Change candidate, Paulo Mwiru, successfully petitioned the courts that faulted NRM flag-bearer Nabeta for allegedly engaging in electoral malpractices in the 2016 elections, thereby ordering for fresh elections

According to the press release, Museveni said Opposition MPs are a disservice to the country and their own electorate because they never follow up on their areas' development agenda.

"In the last term, you sent Mwiru to Parliament and I was the President but I did not see him for all the five years and so most of the Constituency needs lacked a follow up. Maybe you just helped him to go to Parliament and get a salary for five years," the President said.

"You should know the power that lies in your electoral mandate and stop playing with it. You should know who protects your interest and not just look at small things like hand-outs," he added.

Museveni said: "We have put a lot of money to support the youth, women and the business community but it's being swindled because of lack of monitoring that is supposed to be done by the leaders you elect."

The NRM chairperson that the Movement's development programme focuses on guaranteeing peace and stability, development of infrastructure as well as wealth and job creation. However, he noted that this can easily be achieved when the Movement commands unquestionable majority in the Legislative Assembly.

On wealth and job creation, Museveni said Ugandans must engage in commercial profit-oriented agriculture, focus on promoting industrialisation and promote the service and the ICT sectors.

He warned those reported to be using intimidation to cause political submission that they will pay a heavy price because such behaviour cannot be tolerated.

"Uganda is a free country where citizens should be at freedom to elect people of their choice and those seeking leadership positions must use convincing methods to win the people but not intimidation," he said.