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Valentine's Day: A pleasant welcome at work!

By Joseph Kizza

Added 14th February 2018 09:04 AM

The ladies of Vision Group are welcomed at work with a pleasantly sweet object.

Valentine's Day: A pleasant welcome at work!

The ladies of Vision Group are welcomed at work with a pleasantly sweet object.


It may not be a public holiday but Valentine's Day brings with it a heartwarming bouquet of pleasant surprises. Ye of the fairer sex: Imagine checking in at your work place one fine, apparently ordinary, morning and voilà, a rose-wielding hand is stuck right in your face! How would you react?

So that's exactly the dollop of surprise that the ladies of Vision Group found themselves on the receiving end of on Wednesday as they clocked in for work.
Not such a bad way to kick off the day, huh?

A team of three Vision Group male staff posted themselves a few feet from the main staff entrance to work some bit of magic . . .


The spirit of Valentine's Day surely floated in early for the ladies that ply their trade at the Industrial Area-based Vision Group offices. As soon as they had successfully made their way past the routine security checkpoint at the entrance, a wide warm smile awaited them.

Oh, plus some unmistakeable delicately-wrapped red object.

  I call it a rose :)





Some were clearly taken by surprise . . .

. . . and seemed unsure how to react to the moment.

Well, can't blame them. That's not a kind of welcome you get all too often. Moreover at your workplace!





Giver: "It's okay, you are not dreaming. That's all yours. And it's for keeps!"

Recipient: "OoOoOh! Thank you so much!"





Going by her choice of outfit colour, she seemed to have read the memo way before.

But I am sure what she no doubt had not expected was to be handed a refreshing rose flower as she marched in for work.





He seemed to have a name for each rose that he handed to a lady.

"Now this one, uhhm, let's call it, er . . . let me think of a name. I should find a desirable name for it!"





Don't you just love it when you get a pleasant surprise in the morning!






The welcome team did a great job at the rosy task at hand.

Her heart undoubtedly warmed to the idea of walking off to start work with a rose in one hand.





Oh yes, it's not often that life is a bed of roses. Often times, we get so sucked in our work that we subconsciously ignore the small, finer details that life has to offer.

Imagine what a rose can do!

You walk through the main entrance of your office and such beautiful smiles stand right in your way.

And before you can digest what's with the pearly whites, a rose is flashed in your face . . . for your keeps!




Oh, St Valentine! See the joy you brought to this world.

If only everyday brought along with it such warmth!





For this one time, everything else can go in one hand. The other hand is limited to carrying one special object . . .

. . .  no prizes for guessing which object it is!






Forgive my asking, but . . .

Did you know that Valentine's Day originated as a Western Christian feast day honouring one or two early saints named Valentinuse?

So, did you?

Now you do!






See what will 100% impress a smile on a female's face?

A flower.

So, gentlemen out there, there goes a free tip . . . a trip to your local florist will do the magic.

Surely, it aint asking too much, is it?





 A flower + a blush = MAGIC!



A rose flower a day, keeps the smile around.


Not a bad way to start a day at work!





 Gentlemen, remember what I said about flowers and ladies?

A genuine smile guaranteed.

It always works. See for yourself up there.

With that said, let me wish you a lovely VALENTINE'S DAY :)



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