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Ways to keep your home dust-free

By Umar Nsubuga

Added 11th February 2018 12:16 PM

Want to get rid of duct in your house? Here are tips to help

Ways to keep your home dust-free

Want to get rid of duct in your house? Here are tips to help

PIC: Choose caurtains that are easy to wash. (Credit: Umar Nsubuga)


A dusty house is not only makes homeowners uncomfortable, but is also a turnoff for visitors.

According to Rose Gitta, an interior designer, there are different ideas you can put to use so as to have a dust-free house.

Covering furniture
You should cover your furniture with chair covers so that they do not get dirty. Gitta says one should use covers that are stylish and easy to wash.

Dust blowers
Use wind blowers to clean electronic accessories because this helps them remove the dust that enters inside the machine without damaging it.

Washable curtains
Instead of using curtains that will require constant washing, Gitta recommends the use of either wood, metallic or plastic blinds. These are easy to clean. All you need is to just wipe them with a dump cloth.

People who prefer curtains should get ones with a material that is easy to wash.

Ventilate the house
David Kireli, a civil engineer, says you should have a proper ventilation system and open windows to let fresh air in.

Colour of paint
If you live in an environment that is full of dust, it is important to use the right colour of paint. Using white on walls will make the dust more visible.

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