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Help the diaspora deal with fraudsters

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The inquiry would solve many cases that have not been handled and are kept under the carpet for fear created among the victims of the bafere.

Help the diaspora deal with fraudsters

The inquiry would solve many cases that have not been handled and are kept under the carpet for fear created among the victims of the bafere.

By Florence Kiremerwa

Congratulations Ugandans for successful celebrations of the 32 years of the NRM rule, which was marked on January 26.

As we continue with these celebrations, it is crucial that we embrace new ideologies that will enhance and guarantee "inclusiveness'' for all citizens at home and abroad (diaspora).

This shall cement the numerous efforts taken towards integration of all citizens in different socio-economic and political growth and development of our country.
As we, therefore, celebrate the 32 years of liberation, we need to appraise ourselves on the initial 1986 10-Point Programme of the NRM with specific probe into item eigh that states: "...address errors that were as a result of the dislocation of sections of the population and work towards improvement of others."

Uganda embraced, recognised and hatched appropriate programmes whose effects have been documented. While this has been realised and sections of the population, for example, those in the Diaspora have been integrated in government programmes, we need to further examine the 2016 new 10-Point Programme's key areas that shall determine safeguarding the inclusiveness of all citizens.

For the moment, in the new 10-Point Programme, President Yoweri Museveni prioritises; "fighting ideological dis-orientation''. These requires government officials and those in the private sector to alter their approaches and embrace new ideas from all citizens.

This shall necessitate a "paradigm shift'' on ideas and views being proliferated from various corners of society.  Those in the Diaspora call for change on the way the Government allocates resources for their programmes.

Some of the key changes the Diaspora are seeking include the way fraudsters, who camouflage as rich people in Kampala, are handled. These end up fleecing investors, whom they lure home only to get them into deceitful involvements.

Ugandans in the Diaspora have been fleeced by relatives, friends and the bafere in various dubious business ventures they have tried to bring home. Many are in a state of apathy after having failed to receive justice by the respective authorities.

At an informal outing with some victims of these Ugandan bafere, we wondered whether the Government would be in position to establish a commission of inquiry to deal with these unscrupulous Ugandans. The bafere have proven powerful and untouchable and their dubious schemes, though reported to authorities, do not lead to any action.

Meanwhile, such undertakings lead to deterioration of the diasporians trust in the Government. These actions in the long run would make them appeal to their associates and friends abroad not to invest in Uganda.

A commission of inquiry, if instituted, would unravel the many cases and bring evidence against these bafere. Justice will be seen to be done and these bafere would be unmasked.

The inquiry would solve many cases that have not been handled and are kept under the carpet for fear created among the victims of the bafere

The team at the outing also commended the Presidential Inquiry into land matters led by Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire for unravelling a lot in the land squabbles that have so far been handled by the entity.

The commission of inquiry being suggested may expose the fraudulent ventures by these bafere. This will motivate the diaspora, their associates and friends to come and invest in Uganda knowing there is an arbitration centre where they can report cases of fraud.

Government officials and private sector players need to support such ideas through establishment of bodies that may solve some of the challenges that have been exposed by the bafere. The diaspora deserve much better in regard to the challenges they face in their venture to support the socio-economic and political growth and development of their country.

The writer is a Special Presidential Assistant on diaspora issues 

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