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Museveni, Ugandans pay tribute to Musician Radio

By Apollo Mubiru

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According to Wakaza, Radio, went to Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School Jinja from S.1 to S.4.

Museveni, Ugandans pay tribute to Musician Radio

According to Wakaza, Radio, went to Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School Jinja from S.1 to S.4.

President Yoweri Museveni has joined other Ugandans to pay tribute to the fallen musician Moses Ssekibogo, best known as Mowzey Radio.

Radio died on Thursday at Case Clinic Kampala where he had been admitted barely two weeks ago.

"Have been told about the untimely death of musician Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio. I had only recently made a financial contribution towards his treatment and hoped he would get better. He was a talented young person with a great future ahead of him," Museveni tweeted.

"I'm saddened to hear of the death of the young talented singer Mowzey Radio. My deep condolences to family and friends," Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga said.

"Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Moses Ssekibogo best known as Mowzey Radio. A very sad loss of a young talented man," Kampala City Authority chief Jennifer Musisi said.

Radio's old school friend, Stephen Wakaza said: "My OB, classmate and seatmate has gone at an early age."

According to Wakaza, Radio, went to Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School Jinja from S.1 to S.4. He then joined Kiira College Butiki for Advanced Level studies.

"He was always among best five students in class. He was very good in Literature, English and music. He loved music lessons, to us sol-fa notes were hard.  As a seatmate, he taught me how to be creative when writing stories which was hard for me. I also helped him in mathematics," Wakaza now a high school teacher reminisced.

"He was always voted the best in music competition at the district levels in all competitions the school participated in. He associated more with female schoolmates. You could never spot him at a football pitch, but it could not be a surprise to find him at net ball court," he added.

According to Wakaza, Radio used to lead music in the Catholic Chapel and was always best vocalist and an actor in inter house competitions.

"At school during parents' day, he could sing and move the audience. He never used to engage in riots and acts of hooliganism. I wonder how that came of him," Wakaza said.

"Holy Cross Lake View has woken up to sad news of the demise of our celebrity Moses Sekibogo aka Mowzey Radio. He will always be remembered. He used to lead a group of YCS students and always a trophy would be won. He was a very smart student and a health prefect. Fr Picavet, sorry for loss of your child, Sr Mary, your student is gone with all the talent," a statement from his old school read.

"We have lost a talent. One of the best vocalists in Uganda," Michael Kaaya of Advance Uganda, Kakiri branch said.

"At the time you and weasel appeared on the music scene the music industry was in a coma. The music for the few top musicians at that time had become monotonous and obsolete. You two came on the scene and breathed life back in the music Industry. You brought competition good music new dress code," Liz Elder posted on New Vision Facebook page.

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