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Be safe in the bathroom

By Jackie Nalubwama

Added 18th January 2018 11:40 AM

Mats and grab bars help prevent falls in the bathroom.

Be safe in the bathroom

Mats and grab bars help prevent falls in the bathroom.

Rough floor tiles prevent falls in the bathroom


Sometimes we wake up, but remain groggy as we make our way to the bathroom. Or we may wake up alert and dash to the bathroom for a quick wash before running to work.

In either case — groggy or alert — we put our lives at risk in the bathroom because we are not paying attention to the danger that might arise in a slippery environment.

Bathrooms have also been known to cause us grief, which is why we need to take care and safeguard ourselves from the risk of accidents.

Anti-slip measures 

Sheila Najjita, an interior designer in Ntinda, says non-slip mats ought to be placed in bathtubs and showers to reduce the risk of falling.

She says some have lost their lives from slipping and cracking their heads in bathrooms, yet a mat could have prevented the falls and changed their fate.

In addition to the mat, Nagitta says grab bars also help prevent falls in the bathroom.

"Grab bars should be positioned next to the shower area or along the bathtub for support," she says. Nagitta adds that the bar should be firmly installed to carry an average weight of 100kg and 33 inches above the floor.

"For the elderly or people with disabilities, you can add a shower seat to support them better in the shower or tub," Nagitta says.

Carol Mugisha, an interior designer in Mpererwe, says the new shower and bathroom trend makes the bathroom area safer.

She says floor tiles are now rougher, which makes them anti-slip, thus reducing the risk of falling.

Mugisha says the new trend also comes with rougher floor tiles, which are anti-slip, reducing the risk of falling.

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