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Bamasaba warned against forceful circumcision

By Paul Watala

Added 8th January 2018 05:51 PM

The head of the circumcision ritual in the Izu Yamasaba said the ritual is healthy and should be voluntary.

Bamasaba warned against forceful circumcision

The head of the circumcision ritual in the Izu Yamasaba said the ritual is healthy and should be voluntary.

PIC: The circumcision exercise should be voluntary


MBALA - The Bamasaba (Bagisu) have been warned against carrying out forceful circumcision on other tribes.

The warning was Sunday sounded by the Bamasaba head of circumcision ritual in Izu Yamasaba Moses Kutoyi.

This was during the Bamasaba youth music and dance competition at Mbale Senior Secondary School playground in Mbale district.

Kutoyi also warned the public against a group of people that is conniving with Bagisu youth to organise Kadodi processions while soliciting money for the candidate.

He emphasised that soliciting of funds should be done among relatives of the candidate.

"We have alerted the Police on the issue of forced circumcision," Kutoyi said.

"The institution is not responsible for the groups that have started forcing people into circumcision.

"We know this is a year for circumcision, but we follow the calendar of initiation," Kutoyi added.

In 2016, scores of non-Bamasaba were attacked by a group of people who claimed to be Bamasaba and forcefully circumcised them.

This was reported in Mbale town and surrounding districts.

"We came to realise that some of the people that were forcing others into circumcision were not Bamasaba, but were hiding under the umbrella of our," Kutoyi said.

He said forceful circumcision can result in loss of lives because it is done in fear and may end cut cutting the person wrongly.

"We have trained surgeons who exercise standard operating procedures," Kutoyi noted.

He also said circumcision is healthy, adding that it should be voluntary.

Kutoyi also noted that the institution was working with other stakeholders that include the Ministry of Health and education to ensure the calendar is out.

John Masaba, one of the surgeons, also discouraged the people from carrying out forceful circumcision, adding that it is against the rules of rituals.

"Recognised surgeons should follow orders from institution. We, therefore warn quack surgeons not to perform circumcisions because they risk being  arrested," Masaba said

Sam Doto Oboro also condemned the act, saying this can sour the relationship between Bamasaba and offended tribes.
"It is unfortunate that after being forced into circumcision, one is abandoned," Doto said.

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