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Unmasking FDC's callous deceitful facades

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Added 16th October 2017 09:37 AM

Cognisant of their appetite for sensational news, the FDC and her Opposition conglomerate are the dancing princesses glittering in dresses of lies to the amusement of the media

Unmasking FDC's callous deceitful facades

Cognisant of their appetite for sensational news, the FDC and her Opposition conglomerate are the dancing princesses glittering in dresses of lies to the amusement of the media

By Brian Nuwagira

The romance between the media, especially the gutter press and the Opposition is at its peak.

Cognisant of their appetite for sensational news, the FDC and her Opposition conglomerate are the dancing princesses glittering in dresses of lies to the amusement of the media.

To an average person who cares to find the truth, this appears like a conspiracy between the two. Not to be outshone by the unstoppable and uncensored social media, albeit the abuse of the same, some journalists especially of electronic platforms are willing to risk professionalism and objectiveness.

Some are also doing this oblivious to the bait the FDC is putting out there. Today, let us strip just six of one million lies the FDC has up her sleeves.

1. President Museveni's longevity in power

To this Col. Kizza Besigye and his cohorts weep crocodile tears. The same prophet for change has been FDC presidential candidate four times in a row.  

Is this not just a pot calling a kettle black! They bash Museveni that he is the "only one" with a vision and want us to believe that Besigye is the "only saviour" of Uganda.

The party elections in FDC are just a sugar coating underneath of which is a greedy power hungry man not any different from his namesis.

2. Government in a scheme to grab land.

In road construction, the Government needs only a few metres on either side of the road in width and always pays handsomely for those few metres, more distance in length comes with more millions.

Some senior Opposition politicians have walked away with billions of shillings for just land strips annexed to public roads.

The same Opposition, especially Miria Matembe and FDC's Semujju continue to demonise this noble cause. They peddle toxic lies to the public on TV and Radio shows.

They know the truth, but can't dare tell it, lest they run out of ammunition. It's unfortunate that the fourth estate which is the custodian of information is just an accomplice in sabotaging infrastructural development which transcends political lines.

3. Profiteering from Death

The game of crying more than the bereaved. Nothing saddens and unites people more than death.

In humanly as it sounds, the FDC has done their best to gain political milage from these sad moments. From the likes of Col. Garang, Noble Mayombo, Kigundu, Nebanda, Aronda and the latest AIGP Kaweesi, and not even sparing paddy Bitama; FDC stalwarts have insinuated that Government has had a hand in all these.

They will do absolutely anything no matter who or how many it hurts, if only to gain two days of front page coverage. Be not surprised, if the apparent grenade attacks on opposition MPs are an inside job.

4. High cost of living, unemployment and corruption

Dr Col. Besigye and his worshipers do not want the public to know that these are not peculiar to Uganda. Corruption is a worldwide cancer, it is rampant in all third world countries and still a big threat in developing countries like India,china Brazil and south Africa.

Wealthy countries like China and Russia too are struggling with their share of corruption. Uganda's case is special because the government has taken the war against corruption in the open. Free media has also not given the corrupt any breathing space.

Furthermore, all countries are facing the unemployment crisis. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, there is unemployment. That is why the NRM administration is courting investors every day, which investors the FDC scares away with walk to work.

With peace and a liberalised education system, hundreds of thousands of graduates are poured into the job market each year, attracting foreign investment is slow and government can only employ not so much.

The FDC lies spinners will never mention this, lest they exhaust their arsenal against the NRM administration. 

5. FDC a people's choice

This is an illusion and a fallacy. The FDC has mastered the art of making noise in urban areas and electronic media air waves. Ironically, the party leadership is aware of its inadequate support country wide. Besigye has totally failed to sell his brand to Ugandans.

They, therefore, must resort to mudslinging, slander and smear campaigns on social media and conventional media to reach out to Ugandans. Theirs is an urban based fellowship.

This move creates an impression in the masses that they (FDC) have an impact on ground. Reality strikes back when that noise is not turned into votes.  They cry about vote rigging, they never explain why some MPs, many LC5 chairmen and hundreds of councilors sail through unopposed on NRM cards.

6.  Museveni has deviated from NRA' mission

In this lie, there is more than appears to the eye. After the epic five year guerilla war and ultimate fall of Kampala; there was a glorification of these young heroes who had brought an end to tyranny and raised the hope of Ugandans.

To these victorious young men and women in rag tag fatigues, this created a sense of self-importance and entitlement. Prior to taking power, the leaders of this movement had agreed on some form of arrangementto take power alternately. The new NRA brought dramatic fundamental change as promised and freedom was practically visible.

This made NRA/M so popular and from early 90s till mid 2000s, this popularity was at peak. While President Museveni was a darling of the populace, his comrades working behind the scenes became unsung heroes. One leader once said " entebe ewoma" literally meaning, power is sweet.

The likes of Amanya Mushega, Bidandi Sali, Late Kategaya, Miriya Matembe reminded Museveni that it was their turn to take a shot at the presidency if only to enrich themselves with national resources in payment for the heroic war they had risked their lives in.

Their pleas with their "comrade" fell on deaf ears as Museveni appeared more concerned with steering Uganda forward than the loot sharing agreement in the bush.

To Col. Besigye, and the likes of Miria Matembe, Winnie Byanyima, Amanya Mushega and Mugisha Muntu; this was a deal breaker, an unforgivable sin.

The sin of not giving them a chance to gorge themselves on public resources. This disappointment has turned into a personal war. However, Col Besigye wants Ugandans to help him fight his personal war against President Museveni.

Do not be surprised when you see Matembe speaking with a lot of pain from within. She expected to be chief justice at some point. Every time, President Museveni has had to choose between the loot sharing agreement and prosperity for all, he has chosen the latter. Indeed to them he deviated.

The Matembes have failed to convince their comrade to let them steal; they have now resorted to slandering him out of power.

How this will work, we are yet to see. With desperation setting in, FDC will do anything or say anything even if it means killing their own to get a chance at the presidency.

No wonder, we were treated to an over publicised drama with the purported murder by the government of a one Aine in the 2016 elections. Only for the guy to resurrect mysteriously.

It is only sad that the media which is entrusted with informing the public is in bed with these wolves in sheep's skins.

The writer works with consumer protection ministry of commerce Doha Qatar


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