• Mon Sep 25 2017
  • Pool: Lubulwa qualifies for regionals

He is only 23 years of age but has been to the open many a time
Faith Kiai
Journalist @ New vision
He is only 23 years of age but has been to the open many a time



Rock Catalina: 8 qualified

Koko Bar Ntinda: 8 qualified

Muggies Bar Mutungo: 4 qualified 

Simon Lubulwa came through a tough field to take one of the eight qualifying spots that were up for grabs at Rock Catalina Bar in Ntinda.

Lubulwa is amongst the hot favourites to clinch the national open especially in the unseeded category.

The former Nile Special Open finalist is taking the long route to the final and he knows the most important task at the moment is to make it to the grand finale first.

"We played with very many good people here at Rock Catalina and the number of participants was really big but I'm just glad I came through it," explained Lubulwa.

Lubulwa who is only 23 years of age has been to the open many a time that he now goes into the competition with eyes wide open and a lot of expectation.

"This isn't my first time at the Nile Special Open I've played a couple of times already I know how to handle most of the competitors that I will meet along the way. All I can say is I am ready," he emphasised.

Lubulwa wasn't without high end competition because Charles Ssegawa was also amongst the eight Rock Catalina qualifiers who are also in with a chance of winning the Toyota Altezza, sh5m and a pool table at stake.

Ssegawa is a bronze medallist from the 2016 All Africa Pool Championships hosted in Kampala last year.

If the two can navigate their way out of the regional finals they have a fighting chance to clinch the National Open.