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Why you should make your own liquid soap

By Amanda Namayo

Added 18th September 2017 11:07 AM

"Making my own liquid soap has saved me buying dilute detergent from soaps."

Why you should make your own liquid soap

Women packing finished liquid soap into jerrycans.

"Making my own liquid soap has saved me buying dilute detergent from soaps."


Why pay for an expensive jerrycan of liquid soap yet you can make it at home in less than 30 minutes.

Buying quality raw materials is less expensive compared to buying already made liquid soap as Sarah Kalumba, an expert in making home-made liquid soap and technical teacher elaborates.

"If I am to compare the prices of raw materials to buying already made liquid soap, a person who makes it at her home spends less and saves much although the raw materials will vary from region to region. Making my own liquid soap has saved me buying dilute detergent from soaps. "

The chemistry of soap

Kalumba says it is important to understand the chemistry of soap in order to produce a consistently high-quality liquid soap product.

Kalumba adds that it reqiures alot of energy to stir continuously so as not to default the mixture and if one cannot manage to stir, she advices that ones gets another person to help. 

Items to be used

1. Bucket - this is a mixing container where ingredients are put and mixed.
2. Wooden stick - is used to mix the liquid foam
3. Gloves -are to be put on hand to protect from danger of raw materials used when mixing soap.
4. Nose mask - are put on hand to protect the body from hazardous raw materials.
5. Table spoon - Is used to measure the raw materials.

Raw materials needed to make 20 litres of liquid soap

1.Clean water - 20 litres
2. Ungalo - 1kg
3. Salt - 1kg
4. Sulphric acid - 1kg
5. Caustic - ¼ kg but measure 3 table spoons.
6. Colour
7. Perfume Preservative

NOTE: Weighting scale of raw materials is done while purchasing. and Keep out of reach of children


1. Get all the raw materials and equipment together on the table in their rightful measurements.
2. Mix ungalo and salt, stir until raw materials turn white in color. After that add 1cup of water and continue to stir.
3. Prepare sulphric acid in another small bucket with water and add to the bucket you have prepared first.
4. Prepare citric acid in a cup until it dissolves and add to the first bucket.
5. Put in color in the solution prepared then perfume and preservative which helps the solution to last.
6.  After the process, put it aside until the bubbles are removed and do not cover. Then put the solution in clean jerry cans.



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