• Wed Sep 13 2017
  • Kabarole chairman criticises Mao's anti-age limit campaign

DP recently launched the T’ogikwatako Campaign that aims to stop the lifting of the age limit.
Andrew Ssenyonga
Journalist @ New vision
DP recently launched the T’ogikwatako Campaign that aims to stop the lifting of the age limit.


The Democratic Party (DP) leadership in Kabarole district has criticised party president Norbert Mao over his anti-age limit campaign, saying it is uncalled for.

Haruna Kibirango, the Kabarole district chairperson, said the constitution mandates the people of Uganda to review it every after 10 to streamline and improve the country's business.

"Like the ruling party that moves to amend the age limit; the opposition parties are also keen to amend and remove some unwanted laws which are oppressing them," he explained.

Kibirango, in an interview with New Vision on Monday, said Mao's campaign will deter the Opposition from making their claim when it comes to national constitutional review.

He asked the security organs in the country to stop them immediately.
"Mao has turned DP into a national rebel political party that has started a move to abuse and denounce the Constitution, while security organs just look on," Kibirango said.

DP recently launched the T'ogikwatako Campaign that aims to stop the lifting of the age limit.

According to the party's acting secretary general, Dr Gerald Siranda, the campaign is meant to educate, mobilise and sensitise the masses on the dangers of amending Article 102 (b).

"We call upon all Ugandan to join the party at the launch of the T'ogikwatako campaign, aimed at deterring the lifting of the presidential age limit that is enshrined in article 102(b) of the Constitution of Uganda," he said.

In July, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party members resolved to embark on a countrywide campaign to promote the proposal to remove the presidential age limit.

The meeting, co-ordinated by presidential advisor David Mafabi, brought together NRM youth leaders, academicians and MPs, who resolved that the NRM party should remove the age limit to allow President Yoweri Museveni continue leading the country beyond 2021.

Article 102 of the Constitution which some now want amended does not allow a person of 75 years and above to contest for presidency.

Kibirango argued that Article 102 (b) needs to be amended to pave way for all those who can serve the country, irrespective of age, to go ahead.
"It limits capable leaders because of age," he said.

In a letter copied to police chief, Gen. Kale Kayihura, Kibirango also seeks to stop Mao and DP national Executive Committee (NEC) from doing businesses on behalf of the party.

Kibirango noted that DP is the only party that has no valid party identity cards endorsed by the secretary general.

"DP's cards are endorsed by the president general, who is not the accounting officer of the party. A party card is issued by the legitimate leaders who subscribe to a five years' term as it is stipulated by the constitution of Uganda," he said.