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Why there is need for high standard ethics

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There has not been any economic system in history which has not been based on internal contradictions.

Why there is need for high standard ethics

There has not been any economic system in history which has not been based on internal contradictions.



There can never be such a thing as ethics outside the nature of an economic system. Slave and master, tenants and landlord, worker and capitalist, colonial people and colonialists, relations have all been based on mutual distrust and antagonism.

- Colonised and colonialist-Mutual symbiosis or consistent mutual distrust ending up in bitter anti-colonial Liberation war?

- Cuba's Guantanamo confiscated by the US imperialism.

- Overriding Panama and arresting Manuel Noriega by US imperialism.

- Overthrowing of Dr. Allende in chile by US imperialism.

- Undermining Dr. Jagan in Guyana by bribing trade unions to cause irreversible strikes by US imperialism.

- Destroying one million people in Vietnam between 1948 - 1975 by USA imperialism

- Mau-Mau and British colonialism in Kenya.

- The murder of Dr. Martin Luther King in the US.

- Destroying people in Cambodia, 1948 - 1975 by US imperialism.

- Killing of Patrice Lumumba of Congo, 1960, by US, French, and Belgian imperialism.

- Overthrow of panafricanist Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, 1965 by US imperialism.

- Organising against Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt by British and French imperialism over the Suez Canal in 1956.

- The hatred and killing of six million Jews in Germany by a racist organisation during the Second World War based on property relations between Germans as nationals and Jews considered foreign.

- Nelson Mandela on the US list of terrorists up to May 2008 because he opposed apartheid in South Africa.

- French imperialist conspiracy behind genocide in Rwanda, 1994.

-Palestine was conquered entirely by Arabs in 636A.D including the whole of Jerusalem after the death of Prophet Muhammad in 632A.D Britain conquered it in 1917 from the Ottoman Turks.

- After the Second World War, Europe fails to rehabilitate Jews in Europe again and instead looks for land for them elsewhere.

Imperialist Britain offers one of its colonies to become a Jewish state and that is Uganda. The Jews reject Uganda and suggest another British colony, namely, Palestine. Imagine!

All these events put together, do constitute negative behaviour between different peoples of different parts of the world. Economic systems in history have never been static.

They change and supersede each other.

A good example is that of capitalism which started on the basis of mere private enterprise, but grew into imperialism then imperialism grew into colonialism as colonialism has grown into neo colonialism. But neo-colonialism will be the last stage of capitalism throughout the whole world. Why and how?

There has not been any economic system in history which has not been based on internal contradictions and it is on the basis of contradictions that each part of the world realizes development either in ethics or economic production both of which constitute socio-economic formations out of economic base, primary and, superstructure secondary.

It is practice which creates and, again improves upon previous ideas. When capitalism established colonialism, colonialists did not know that the colonised being turned into colonial economic productive forces were moulded into social beings that would eventually overthrow the same system.

So the national liberation movement in the colonies was a surprise and led to arrests and imprisonments of the leaders of those organisations.

All this was under the law of motion which is in both nature and society and independent of people's wishes.

Colonial education was meant to permanently serve socio-economic aims of colonialism. This failed. The national liberation movement finally formed governments in all former colonies which became national independent states.

Surprisingly even the colonised right from the time of their being colonised did not know that at one time they would be independent of their colonisers.

All this is under the laws of motion, unity and struggle of opposites, the inevitability of transformation from quantity into quality, the negation of the negative and retention of the positive, the inevitability of the emergence of the new and, then continuity.

Unfortunately, some of the post-colonial states failed to correctly adjust their economic bases against the very nature of capitalist tendencies and became allies to capitalist-imperialist manipulations where the capitalist-imperialists still have hopes and intentions of retaining profitable economic gains above the economies of their former colonies.

This now gives rise to a period of the existence of socio-economic amphibian states with one leg in the economic territory of a former coloniser and another in the national territory of a post - colonial state.

This can make the former coloniser gain economically comfortably above the former colony in collaboration with a head of state of a former colony who also gains above his or her own people.  This is an economic system of neo-colonialism.  It is so for the highest stage of capitalism.

However, the world now has the US, which is made up of former British colonies, but has become worldwide economically and militarily strong above many other countries of the world. Its economic system is that of capitalism, but at a stage of imperialism.

Imperialism today is defeated colonialism but still eager and wishful in dominating other areas of the world for very selfish economic intentions to the extent of even using military force to conquer other countries but without subjecting them to direct indigenous U.S.A governors but by bribing academically half-baked citizens who can be turned into Heads of state of these economically suitable areas to USA imperialist class.

Nevertheless, gradual multiplication of investments in the former colonies will create bigger working classes in those countries which will finally unite against their being exploited by an alliance between their indigenous puppet governments and imperialists.

Secondly levels of education will not remain static and that can lead towards a higher level of social conscious on the part of new rising elite in the former colonies that can organize against pro-imperialist governments. Thirdly, the higher the level of unemployment, the more conscious the unemployed shall be to organize against pro-imperialist governments.  However there can never be an export of a revolution by one country to another so that a country can change.

No. People alone determine their own history and make it. The lower the level of social consciousness on the part of a people, the less able they are in putting up revolutionary methods of work not only for reform but also for transformation.

Nevertheless people can never remain static. They are transformed by socio-economic mechanisms when the mechanisms themselves are undergoing motion.

The world now is characterized by a mutual conflict between Al-qaeda on the part of the Arabs and imperialism on the part of U.S.A and Western Europe. The problem is land which is occupied by Jews allowed by imperialists.

On the part of Arabs, Islam is being used as an ideological guide against imperialism to regain land. But imperialists are superior in science and technology and are therefore militarily more capable of subjugating the Arab world which is technologically far less advanced. Methods used by Al-qaeda to attack imperialism in various parts of the world are also indiscriminate as they can attack public places anywhere no matter whether those places have some people who are also anti-imperialist.

In Nigeria now there is a negative Muslim political organization referred to as BOKO HARAM, meaning "destroy all the types of civilization introduced by the capitalist countries of Western Europe".  This is properly understood that Islamic political attack on imperialist countries is because of the imperialist offer of Palestine to the Jews to create their state of Israel which is an extended territory of USA and a USA springboard to dominate the Middle East for oil. So Islamic organizations' hatred for imperialist countries is an effect whose cause is imperialism itself. As long as Israel remains an arm of U.S.A imperialism there shall be constant and permanent mutual hatred between the Arab world and the imperialist world.

For the Arabs have a genuine cause. This conflict can only be resolved only when the Jews shall accept brotherhood and not domination and recognize Arabs as cousins and stop negative economic maneuvers by European imperialists.

In that case Israel should surrender all occupied Arab lands in the whole of the Middle East and submit to the 1948 agreement to accept two states of Arabs and Jews on the basis of brotherhood.

There should not be moslem Brotherhood in the Middle East but Arab - Jew Brotherhood.

It is then that Hamas and Al - qa eda can also begin to feel sad for what the fascists did over Jews during the Second World War.

Boko Haram should be completely abhorred. For every historically placed social system has always left behind certain valuable phenomena as negative ones are discarded.

There is a lot that has been left behind by colonialism and instead of throwing it it is being improved upon for acceptable socio - economic continuity.

What remains for the world now is to resolve the sad and unfortunate contradiction between high standards of science and technology on one hand and very low standards of Ethics on the other.  The imperialists are highly developed in science and technology but ethically the most backward in the whole world. Fond of wars, looting, lies, hypocrisy, pretence etc.

Uganda's aim in Somalia for example is very different from that of U.S.A. That was why U.S.A soldiers were killed there and yet Uganda has put in place a national army plus a state apparatus in Mogadishu. This is because Uganda's approach is brotherly while that of the U.S.A is imperialist. Uganda's Ethics is superior to that of imperialism.

All peace - loving people of the world must unite against imperialism and its root capitalism. It is not land which is too small for hu - man and hu - woman beings but the narrow hearts of the selfish which cannot accommodate the big size of the globe and utilize it for the welfare of each and all

The writer is a senior Presidential adviser on ideology


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