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What you eat will soon show up on your face

By Umar Nsubuga

Added 29th August 2017 06:08 PM

A great skin and body are very attractive and will not go unnoticed.

What you eat will soon show up on your face

A great skin and body are very attractive and will not go unnoticed.

(Credit: Umar Nsubuga)


Have you ever seen an attractive lady pass you by and you couldn't help but turn and stare? Well, a great skin and body are very attractive and will not go unnoticed. Surely.

A good skin and figure are mainly associated with the food you eat and how you go about making yourself look memorable.

Silva Buyondo, a nutritionist in Kampala, says vegetables, olive oil, water, salmon, water melon and several other foods play a role in this.


According to Buyondo, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach contain anti-oxidants are good for the final composition of your skin. She says these anti-oxidants fight off the radicals that can lead to skin cancer.

They also contain zinc, which is an important material to your body. It helps to break down damaged collagen, paving way for new collagen to be formed.


Olive oil

Like all oils, olive oil will help your skin by eliminating dryness and will give your skin a glow. You can garnish your salads with olive oil or you can use it in preparation of your meals.


You have probably heard the phrase "drink plenty of water" from most doctors you have met.

Water is an important element for a healthy-looking skin. Your body needs as much water as possible. Water refreshes your skin and body and helps in eliminating dryness and body toxins too.


Salmon is a delicacy for many people, but it helps in reducing inflammation as well as in lubricating the skin.

Buyondo says that like all fish, salmon contains zinc, an element that can help in heating of acne. If acne is your biggest enemy, you can consider including fish in your diet.


Fish contains elements that help in reducing inflamed blemishes.


Sharon Naluwende is a nutritionist at Mulago Hospital. She says not only do watermelons provide nutritious juice for your body, they also help prevent flaking of the skin and wrinkles as well.

Watermelons contain numerous elements that reduce the deep collagen damage responsible for wrinkles on your skin. Four slices of watermelon on your diet each day will do you some good.


Most individuals associate soya with toddlers and they often ignore it. But for your information, soya elements help in the prevention of blemishes.

Soya is known to be of great help in healing scar tissue and it also helps your skin to stay moist.

So, the next time you are passing by the grocery store, you might want to pick up a few of the above foods and develop a healthy body and a great-looking skin.


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