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A poetic message of welcome to Commonwealth fraternity

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Added 31st July 2017 11:42 AM

Over 38 million Ugandans welcome you to one of the most beautiful, most endowed and most gifted part of the entire universe

Over 38 million Ugandans welcome you to one of the most beautiful, most endowed and most gifted part of the entire universe

By K. F. Mondo

Distinguished Honourable Ministers

Senior Government Officials

Youth Leaders

Stakeholders and;

All of you investors and those planning to invest in youth development 

1.     You are indeed welcome to the Republic of Uganda the "Pearl of Africa" as christened by the British Statesman - Sir Winston Churchill over 100 years ago. 

2.     Uganda is no longer simply the Pearl of Africa but the Pearl and Cradle of peace and tranquility of the world. It is indeed a country gifted by nature. 

3.     The country Uganda is a true epitome of endearing hospitality

Priceless love

Hot spring of care and compassion

Natural tourist destination

Amazing rendezvous for God's angels and an incredible source of cultural cocktails 

4.     Honourable Ministers, this is the country to which I have the noble, rare and singular pleasure to welcome you;

A country groomed by nature

Tendered by hospitality

Anchored in love

Donned by beauty

And loved by the young and old 

5.     Uganda is a country from one end to another spiced with aromas of unimaginable roses, unprecedented beauty and radiance that Ugandans willingly and abundantly share with thousands of its visitors 

6.     Comrades, friends and all of you Members of the Commonwealth, the secret I have to disclose to you is that; Uganda is indeed a splendid country of beauty, a country of wonder and a country of amazing Godly endowment. 

7.     The country that I have the opportunity to introduce to you is spread over a few thousands of square miles of mind boggling exciting scenes.  The amazing creation of God's grace is flavored by varied canopy on the beautifully green clothed undulating land; spiced by God's attention to flora and fauna.  It is a terrain punctured by water bodies, valleys and hills. 

8.     Uganda's clear skies are dotted by multicolored birds in their thousands that traverse the entire horizons of Uganda's ambient atmosphere.  You will wish to know that Uganda is home to over 1000 bird species. 

9.     May I confirm to you dear delegates that Uganda domiciles a rich wildlife stock species unfound elsewhere in the Commonwealth.  Since you are here, it is your right to confirm. 

10.     Ladies and gentlemen of the Commonwealth, it is my pleasant duty to confirm to you that Uganda is the Source of the Mighty Longest World known River Nile, the longest river in the world.  You may wish also to know that River Nile has the most spectacular falls - Bujagali Falls and that it is also the abode of some of the World's most tantalizing and thrilling white water rafting. 

11.     It is also true that Uganda is host to the second largest Fresh Water Lake in the world - Lake Victoria; and also host to the 2nd deepest lake in Africa, Lake Bunyonyi; and so many other amazing and miraculous creations of nature. 

12.     Citizens of the Commonwealth, talking about this country Uganda, can take me millions of pages; but may the above suffice and allow the various Commonwealth citizens that abode in Uganda to use the most important two words in the commonwealth and these are "Thank You".  Translated in Swahili as  "Asante Sana"

-     In Luganda we say, "Mwebale Nyo"

-     In Runyakitara we say, "Mwebale Munonga"

-     In Luo we say, "Apwoyo Matek"

-     In Ateso we say, "Eyalama Noi"

-     In Lugbara we say, "Awadifo Saaru"

-     In Lusoga we say, "Mwebale Inho" and

-     In Arabic, one word, "Shukran" 

13.      Ladies and gentlemen of the Commonwealth, over 38million Ugandans, young and old join His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in welcoming you to one of the most beautiful, most endowed and most gifted part of the entire universe. 

May the Almighty God protect you and have you live pleasantly here in the Pearl of Africa. 

You are welcome!

Karibuni Sana!!


Writer is Assistant Commissioner Youth Affairs / Head of Secretariat - 9CYMM 2017

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