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'Toto Festival to return even better'

By Andrew Masinde

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"We promise to always ensure quality for our children."

'Toto Festival to return even better'

"We promise to always ensure quality for our children."

(Credit: Andrew Masinde)


"Thank you for taking part in the Toto Festival. It is only God who can reward you for always choosing to be part of and supporting Vision Group activities."

Those were the words of Toto Magazine editor Jovita Ajuna, best known as Auntie Jovita, as she visited some of the schools in Mbarara district that involved their pupils in the children's event.

This year's fun-packed festival was held at Kakyeka Stadium in Mbarara on May 14, and was well-attended.

Weeks down the road, Auntie Jovita has thanked parents and schools alike that had their children participate. She said it is the culture at Vision Group to appreciate the public for standing by them.

“May God bless all the parents, guardians and sponsors who spared their money just to see that their children attend the festival. Without you, the event would not have been a success.

"We promise to always ensure quality for our children,” she said.

Auntie Jovita talks to pupils of Coloma Primary School



And here, at Mbarara Junior School

Auntie Jovita revealed that due to popular demand, the event will be held annually such that children can enjoy with others, promising that they would do better in upcoming editions.

“For any mistakes that were made at the first event, everyone should forgive us and know that in the coming event, the mistakes will be corrected,” she said during her visits.

A number of pupils from the schools that were visited thanked Vision Group for coming up with such an outing that brought Mbarara children together.

They said they hope to be a part of future such events.

Some even suggested that the festival be held every term holiday. That would be three events in a year!

Barbra Nyamwizi, the children’s presenter for Vision Group's TV West in Mbarara, thanked the children and parents for always supporting all the children’s programs especially on TV West and other platforms.


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