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How to handle a job search rejection

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Do not be disappointed just because a few of your job applications were rejected, instead, apply elsewhere

How to handle a job search rejection

Do not be disappointed just because a few of your job applications were rejected, instead, apply elsewhere


People, young or old, aspire to become better and in many cases that includes looking for a better-paying job to improve their standards of living.

However, how easy is it to get these jobs, whether it is immediately after graduation or when one is moving from a job to another? The truth is, it is not, as Irene Tamale, just like many others, found out after looking for a job for five years, even after graduating with a first class degree in agriculture.

With many applications unanswered, Tamale opened up a mobile money business, although she kept looking for a job. However, Tamale finally got a job in a bank as an agricultural officer and she attributes this to never giving up.

She also says she had to first deal with the problem of desperation, which could have landed her in trouble, by starting some small business for selfsustenance as she searched for her dream job, hence the mobile money venture.

Her thinking outside the box, according to her, has given her a side income in addition to her salary. However, Tamale says waiting for a response to a job application can sometimes be stressful, especially if one has applied several times.

One could even be tempted to send reminders, which could make them come off as pushy and demanding.

Waiting for a response

In order not to come off as pushy and demanding, a jobseeker should bear in mind that he/she is only one of the hiring manager's concerns, and stick to the given rules of the application.

Nevertheless, it is good to have some contact with the company and probably write that essential ‘thank you' note within three weeks of your interview, so that they do not think you drifted off to some greener pastures.

And, if you do not hear from the interviewer within the specified timeframe, you could make a brief call, saying you were just checking to see if there is anything else you should send.

If you know when the company intends to make a decision and you have not been notified, call a day or two after that date has passed to ask whether a decision has been reached and to reiterate your interest in the job.

But in the meantime, drop off your CV to as many places as possible and exercise patience and determination.

Dealing with rejection

So you have been rejected! This should not put you off the search. Look elsewhere because looking for a job is not a walk in the park. Keep moving until you attain your goal.

If there are any changes that need to be made in your CV or application letter, make them. Seek advice on what to do with jobs from good selfless friends or your references.

They might point you to something better. Thanking the company for considering you will show that you are a person of substance and good manners.

And who knows? There is always the chance that you missed being hired by a whisker and could be considered for a job in the future.

In other words, maintaining a good attitude through all this trying time is better than cursing and attaining negative energy all around you.

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