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Corrupt officials 'should be rejected in society'

By Jeff Andrew Lule

Added 14th July 2017 04:05 PM

“We want children to know that calling you a thief is bad."

“We want children to know that calling you a thief is bad."


As one of the strategies to end corruption in the country, the the permanent secretary in the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity has called on the public to start isolating corrupt officials in their communities.

Speaking at a National Stakeholders dissemination meeting on the National Ethical Values in Kampala,  Alex B. Okello said they want the young generation to start looking at theft as an abomination.

He said to implement this, all those caught in such acts must be rejected in society so that people see theft as a bad thing.

"We want children to know that calling you a thief is bad. But in Uganda today calling someone a thief seems normal. We want theft to be known as an abomination and those involved to be rejected," he added.

He stressed that all stakeholders must work towards changing the ethical conduct of Ugandans through enforcing the national values at various levels.

"We should teach the children what we want them to be. In the 1960s, the literacy levels were low but values were respected. Today, things are different yet many are educated," said Okello.

The event was attended by religious leaders and members from the civil society.

Okello said they want the values to be inculcated right from the grassroots.

Robinson Oduka, an official from the directorate, said implementation must start right from homes and communities.

He however noted that it is unfortunate that homes today have turned into meeting points for parents, leaving their children in the hands of housekeepers.

The policy has 10 values including; respect for humanity and environment, honesty uphold and defend the truth at all times, justice and fairness in dealing with other, hard work for self-reliance, integrity creativity and innovativeness, social responsibility, social harmony, national unity and national consciousness and patriotism. 

The National Ethical Values Policy was launched by President Yoweri Museveni in October 2013.

The head of the Born Again Faith, Dr. Joseph Serwadda said government must bring everyone on board to effectively implement the national values.


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