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Kadaga calls for joint effort to end violence against children

By Jeff Andrew Lule

Added 6th July 2017 04:08 PM

Rebecca Kadaga attributes the increasing problem to negligence of parents and communities.

Rebecca Kadaga attributes the increasing problem to negligence of parents and communities.


Dressed in a long dress and a hood, for protection of her identity, Gloria ascended to the podium to narrate her story on how she was sexually abused at the age of 10years.

In a timid voice and teary eyes, she says that she was staying with her grandmother when the incident happened.

"A man who was our neighbor, called me to buy for him cigarettes at a shop. I rushed but when I returned, he was not where I left him. So I tried to look for him around the house," she noted.

Gloria said in the process, she just lost consciousness and woke up without knowing what had happened but later started feeling pain in her private parts.

"He warned me and threatened to kill me if I reported anything to my grandmother. After two weeks, my stomach started swelling. I started developing abscess and passing out urine and human excreta from time to time," she added.

She was rushed to Mulago where she was operated. Gloria is just one those victims of child abuse in different ways.

This was during a breakfast meeting on the overview of Violence Against Children (VAC) and launch of new campaign at Serena Hotel.

It was attended by various Civils Society Organizations (CSOs), Children Homes, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Members of Parliament among others. 

While officiating at the event, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga attributed the increasing problem to negligence of parents and communities.

"I grew up in Naguru Housing estate, but all parents and guardians in the community were parents for all children. Today, people have neighbors whom they have even never seen. People no longer care about what happens in other peoples' homes," she noted.

Kadaga said VAC needs a concerted effort right from homes, communities, districts up to national level.

According to the 2015 Police Crime and Road Traffic Annual Report, 7,408 cases of child related violations were reported compared to 7,281 cases in 2014.

She also attributed the problem to irresponsible parents, who send their children to wells and shops in the dark.

Kadaga said she is going to hold a special Parliamentary sitting to discuss the matter and launch a national wide campaign led by Members of Parliament in their respective areas.

The Chairperson, Human Right Committee of Parliament, Joviah Kamateeka said all MPs and local leaders must embark on a campaign to end the vice, which has seen many children ruined of their childhood.

"We reaffirm our commitment as MPs to end this problem. Many children are raped, defiled, married off at a very young and sacrificed yet culprits go scot free. Today child mothers are many but no one cares," she added.

The Uganda Child Rights Network (UCRNN), Stella Ayo Odongo said Government needs to invest more resources in the line ministry and institutions handing children issues.

"The child help line at the ministry of gender gets 750 calls daily with 20-30 cases being of emergency, but can't be handled due to lack of resources," she added.

The Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Children, Benard Atiku said they want to make sure that by 2030 the vice is no more to meet the SDG 16.2. 

"We have the laws and policies in place. Now implementation is the problem. We are going to engage local, religious and culture leaders to come on board," he said.

The UCRNN board chairperson, Olive Lumonya said Government needs to come on board to support the cause," she added​.


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