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Pryce Teeba releases song on Bobi Wine

By Kyle Duncan Kushaba

Added 29th June 2017 04:24 PM

It's a three minute 15 second-long song.

It's a three minute 15 second-long song.


The Bobi Wine bug has caught not just Kyadondo East but the rest of Kampala, if not all urban areas of Uganda.

It's Bobi Wine this, Bobi Wine that. As if that's not enough rappers are now releasing songs in the Kyadondo East Parliamentary seat candidate.

Pryce Teeba, a very popular rapper from Ntinda, has released a new song called Bobi Wine which is to be honest one great song. The beat is so dope that you won't even realise it is a campaign song.

You will catch yourself banging your head to the lyrics from start to finish. There is Hip Hop beat and song is written by Pryce Teeba himself, arranged and produced by Baru at Dustville Records in Ntinda.

The three minute 15 second-long song basically praises the rapper and explains how he feels like Bobi Wine. Some of the lyrics go like;

 "Mpulira nga Bobi Wine, President wawaano mu ghetto nemutawuni" literally translating into ‘ I feel like Bobi Wine, the president of this ghetto and in town'.

If you are a true believer in Ugandan Hip Hop, this is another banger for you. This by the way is not meant to canvass votes for Bobi Wine, we just love Hip Hop.


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