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Makerere VC race: Nawangwe wants to improve research

By Conan Businge

Added 27th June 2017 09:56 AM

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe promises to set up a well-motivate, skillful and resourceful and vibrant staff.

Makerere VC race: Nawangwe wants to improve research

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe promises to set up a well-motivate, skillful and resourceful and vibrant staff.


'Nawangwe to lobby for special status for Makerere as a Research University'

It is again that season when the dons at Makerere University get to tussle it out for the top administrative seat of the Vice Chancellor. In the race are professors; Venansius Baryamureeba, Edward Kirumira & Barnabas Nawangwe.



We get you an abridged version of the three contestants' manifestos and their achievements. We will kick off with Prof. Baryamureeba in the first edition.


PART 3: Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, PhD. - Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance & Administration), Makerere University

He is full professor of architecture and currently the only full professor of architecture in Africa.

He is an accomplished strategic and transformational leader, who has moved many seemingly impossible tasks to successful conclusion.

He is privileged to have been entrusted with numerous assignments by all the vice chancellors under whom he served at Makerere University.


He has been at the centre of all recent transformational endeavours at Makerere University, including the transformation from a faculty based to a collegiate system as well as administrative re-structuring and business process re-engineering.

To his credit are more than 40 new university policies, including policies on governance, financial management, human resource management, teaching and learning and student affairs.

With more than 28 years of experience as a Leader and Manager in one of Africa's most prestigious institutions of higher learning at various levels within the University hierarchy, he possess the abilities to mobilise, organise, plan and effectively implement programmes of varying nature and magnitude.

 He says that he has exceptional interpersonal relationship skills and that he has effectively used these skills to build formidable teams, which have made great achievements over the years he has worked at Makerere University.

He says that he is, "An attentive listener, a team builder and endowed with creative skills to empower people to steadfastly work towards the achievement of individual and common organisational goals."


If appointed to the top seat as VC, he promises to;

  • Develop strong, pragmatic, dynamic and internationally connected and motivated leadership
  • Set  up a well-motivate, skillful and resourceful and vibrant staff
  • A satisfied and focused students community
  • He wants to set up a modern research-led and innovative institution
  • Makerere University will be made Africa's centre of academic excellence
  • The university will also have dynamic research and knowledge transfer partnerships
  • There will revival and revamp of all Governance structures
  • There will also be fill operationalization of the College statute
  • Procure and operationalize an Intergraded Management Information system
  • Develop all academic processes, including transcripts to colleges
  • Revive Makerere University Private Sector Forum
  • Introduce executive Master's programme Across all disciplines
  • Increase Graduate student enrolment to 30%
  • Increase university-industry linkages
  • Lobby for special status for Makerere as a Research University
  • Establish University Teaching Hospital
  • Devolution of financial powers to Colleges, schools and units






Uganda has adopted Vision 2040 as the framework for moving to middle income status by the year 2040, thus shading of the yoke of poverty. The success of the Asian Tigers and to some extent that of some South American economies points to the need to construct, define, develop and sustain a vibrant knowledge economy. Several Government policies over the past two decades, including the policy on Universal Primary Education, Universal Secondary Education, BTVET and others have created the environment for consolidating a knowledge economy in Uganda.

Ranked number 3 in Africa and among the top 500 universities globally, Makerere University, the top Black university in the world and a leading centre of excellence in teaching, learning, research and extension service in Africa, must purposefully place herself at the centre of this exciting historical moment. Makerere University, with all her intellectual prowess, must lead the way for Uganda's and, indeed Africa's match to sustainable development, addressing the new challenges facing Uganda and Africa, including climate change, youth un-employment and the fast rate of population growth.

With the best academic staff profile in Africa, Makerere University has the historical background and intellectual potential to be the vanguard of the transformation of the Ugandan and Africa's society and be a major contributor to global knowledge creation and the wellbeing of humanity.

This will only happen if there is strong, pragmatic, dynamic and internationally connected and motivated leadership, a leadership that not only has the pride of Makerere at heart, but also one that very well knows and prides in this great University and her cherished vision, a leadership that has the charisma, humility, inter-personal skills, team mobilisation and un-reserved love for Makerere University not for personal objective but for the Makerere University Objective.

Given my highly creditable track record which I all owe to Makerere University, I humbly offer myself to serve as Makerere University's next Vice Chancellor so to reposition Makerere University as the nucleus of science, technology and innovation excellence of Africa. My leadership will also facilitate a process of recovering Makerere's national, regional and international credibility and leverage which will translate into a Makerere whose products countless people can believe in. This, I believe will greatly help to reclaim Makerere's past academic high mark especially at this specific moment when Makerere seems to be specifically confronted by particular seemingly insurmountable challenges. My recent decisive steps in combating the scourge of alteration of marks on the University's academic records system attests to my capability and determination to combat all such ills at Makerere.

I plan to achieve the above with a personal belief that by pulling TOGETHER and working hard to serve and deliver a Makerere Objective, with COMPLETE passion, will, commitment, determination and resolve TOGETHER, there is NO LIMIT to what we can achieve for Makerere University and Uganda.



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