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Avocado, a healthy fat fruit

By Sauda Nabatanzi

Added 19th June 2017 12:54 PM

The drupe is a low-calorie fruit.

Avocado, a healthy fat fruit

The drupe is a low-calorie fruit.

(Credit: Sauda Nabatanzi)


Masaka, Bugerere, Wakiso and Luwero districts are the main suppliers of avocado in Uganda.

Francis Wagwa, a fruit vendor at Nakawa market, says avocado never completely goes out of stock. Its supply just goes down a bit.

"This is because the fruit can grow anywhere and during on-season like now (April to June), a tree can yield as many as 400 to 500 fruits," he adds.

Avocado is rich in healthy fats and, if you chance on the sweet type, great taste.

The drupe is a low-calorie fruit, a fact that makes it friendly to people who are diet-conscious. Most people who are keen on losing weight cannot miss out on the fruit on any meal as it matches well with any diet, according to Samuel Jjuko, a dietician in Kassanga.

"Due to its high nutritional value and good texture, we add avocado to almost all our customers' dishes unless, in rare cases, one does not want it," says Gladys Nassanga, a restaurant operator in Ggaba.

Currently, a big basket ranges between sh15, 000 and sh20, 000 while a small one is at sh10, 000 at Nakasero market.

Nassanga says it being on-season, the prices have dropped  because during September to December, the supply is usually low, forcing her to buy a big basket at sh25,000 and a small one for between sh15,000 and sh20,000.

For wholesale buyers, a sack ranges between sh35, 000 and sh40, 000 while for small-scale buyers, a big avocado is at sh1000, with a small one at sh500 at Owino market.

Along Luwum and William streets in Kampala, vendors are selling one avocado at sh500 and sh700 depending on the size.

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