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Ugandans in diaspora want 'Kyapa Mungalo' campaign extended

By Henry Sekanjako

Added 7th June 2017 12:28 PM

The Kingdom has since termed the exercise as optional

Ugandans in diaspora want 'Kyapa Mungalo' campaign extended

Buganda Land Board CEO Kyewalabye Male during the talk show on Radio Uganda Boston.

The Kingdom has since termed the exercise as optional

With the deadline for ‘Kyapa Mungalo' (a land title for everyone) campaign by Buganda Kingdom fast approaching, Ugandans in the diaspora have pilloried Buganda Land Board for the limited time set for acquisition of land titles.

Buganda Land Board, which is responsible for managing Kabaka's land, had set October as the deadline for acquisition of land titles for all bibanja (plots) holders sitting on Kabaka's land, measuring about 350squares miles.

However in a Radio Uganda Boston interview in Massachusetts, Ugandans in America pleaded with Male Kyewalabye the Board CEO, to consider extending time for acquisition of leases to enable them get land titles for their plots of land.

"We appreciate this initiative by the Kingdom but most of the Ugandans here come back home in December yet this campaign is running only up to October. How have you planned for us?" Geoffrey Simple Nsereko, a Ugandan based in Boston asked.

Nsereko had on Sunday hosted Kyewalabye on a radio show named ‘Gyetuva ne Gyetulaga', a current affairs program.

Kyewalabye who is currently in the US after attending the Buganda Bumu conference held in Atlanta last week was on Radio Uganda Boston to explain to Ugandans living and working in the US, about Mengo's proposed 49-year lease campaign for Ugandans on Kabaka's land.

During the show, Ugandans in the US expressed fear that upon the expiration of the lease, their land might be diverted to Mengo.

Calling in live, Ugandans asked Kyewalabye to clarify the allegations and also explain to them issues associated with land caveats and transfers.

In response to the concerns, Kyewalabye allayed the fears of the Ugandans and advised them to embrace the campaign, saying their plots of land were safer with land titles.

"People have sold plots of land in Buganda but have failed to get value for their plots, reason being they don't have land titles. Land without a title has no value," Kyewalabye said.

About the set time frame for acquisition of leases, Kyewalabye said the board would put up a special desk at the Buganda Land Board for people in the diaspora to register and acquire leases for their plots of land, starting December to February when most of them come back home.

He however asked Ugandans in the diaspora to make use of online registration to participate in the offer.

"At Uganda Land Board, we have embraced technology and one can register online. What is required of them is to present their land documentation through scan," Kyewalabye explained.

Launched in April, by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, the ‘Kyapa Mungalo' campaign has face criticism from both the Central Government and a cross section of Ugandans, as aimed at taking away people's land upon on expiry of the proposed 49-year lease.

However the Kingdom that has since termed the exercise as optional has on several occasions assured people on Kabaka's land that the land would be safer and secure on expiry of the leases which are subject to renewal.

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