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Inner Wheel Club leader visits Uganda

By Jacky Achan

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Oluyemisi Alatise is the first African to be lected President of the International Inner Wheel Club

Oluyemisi Alatise is the first African to be lected President of the International Inner Wheel Club


The president of the International Inner Wheel Club, Oluyemisi Alatise, has called for greater more participation by Inner Wheel clubs in Uganda at international level to receive more partnerships in supporting the needy.

Alatise is on a two day official visit to Uganda where she is visiting charity projects supported by the Inner Wheel clubs in Uganda.

She encouraged more wives of Rotarians in Uganda to join the Inner Wheel Club to ensure extensive support is given to every needy person in society.

"Our men are very busy making money and the women are busy spending the money however not on themselves but everyone in need," she said.

"If more women join the Inner Wheel Club there will be more acts of charity and social justice" she said.

Uganda had a total five Inner Wheel clubs; Mbarara, Masaka, Jinja, Kampala and Mengo, but as of today only two; Kampala and Mengo, remain.

It comes as a result of many women abandoning the Inner Wheel Club to become full time members of the Rotary club. But Alastise says the women should keep both memberships to ensure the Inner Wheel Club remains strong and Uganda gains a district status.

She added that it is women who are capable of giving far reaching support to the needy and more should join the club.

Former Inner Wheel Kampala president, Beatrice Mpamize, agreed with Alatise adding that the experience is life changing.​

She said to be able to get satisfaction out of life, people should be willing to share the little they have with the less privileged, their neighbours and society at large.

"The smile expressed by the recipient of an act of kindness is an experience more powerful than words," Mpamize said.

"If we can care for our needy people, neighbours and society at large and share what little we have with them, our country will become a much happier place to live," she added.

Alatise a former juvenile magistrate, visited Naguru Remand Home where she encouraged the children to work towards a successful future and donated clothing and an assortment of goods to them.​

She earlier visited Wamukisa Youth Center, a home for abandoned pregnant teenage girls, where the Inner Wheel Club also toured their projects and made donations.

Alatise is the first African to be elected president of the International Inner Wheel Club and it is the first time in 93 years of the club's existence that its leader is visiting Uganda. 

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