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In today's New Vision: City land reforms

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We have details on the land reforms KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi wants implemented in Kampala city.

In today's New Vision: City land reforms

We have details on the land reforms KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi wants implemented in Kampala city.

Hello and good morning on this fine new day. We have got a lot in store for you in today's edition of Uganda's leading daily, New Vision.

From finding killers to the issue of the world coming to end popping up once again. It's all in your copy, which you can also read in one piece online HERE.

A quick look at what you will find inside . . .


Do not miss the full story on how Kaweesi killers have been trapped as border security intensifies. Find out which suspects are being held at Nalufenya in Jinja.

Read the full story on a terrorist attack on Britain's parliament building. Get the latest report on what happened, how many people were killed and who was behind the attack.


We bring you details on the land reforms KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi wants implemented in Kampala city.

Find out which minister has approved the importation of fishing gear in defiance of President Museveni's order. Do not miss your copy to know what is going on.

 While Parliament wants the Government to stop closing poorly facilitated schools, the teachers have backed the closure. Find out why.


 A dangerous cult has been dispersed over announcing the imminent end of the world. Find the details inside as the Police vow never to allow another Kibwetere to come back.

 We have a list of 22 districts that will receive free mosquito nets.


In the oil probe, find the details surrounding the payment of sh2b to an international consultant who did not do any work. 

From Masaka, Kabanda has been confirmed as the district Woman MP. We bring you her battle to retain the seat.

New Vision brings you several reasons why the Law Reform Commission insists that the death penalty has to stay.


NRM secretary general Justine Lumumba has defended Kamuli Woman MP aspirant Rehema Watongola's academic papers. But the courts of law said she was not qualified to stand as MP. Do not miss this story.

In another battle for the pensions sector, the workers' leaders have rejected the retirement benefit Bill. Do not miss their reasons as the Parliament debate ended up in fracas.

If you stay in Nakawa and you lack a latrine, get a copy of the New Vision to know what awaits you.


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