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Dr. Mungherera: Civil society's tribute to 'our hero'

By Elvis Basudde

Added 15th February 2017 02:47 PM

It is an honour to write a few words about our dear friend and activist, Dr. Margaret Mungherera.

Dr. Mungherera: Civil society's tribute to 'our hero'

It is an honour to write a few words about our dear friend and activist, Dr. Margaret Mungherera.

Uganda anti-HIV advocates learnt with shock and deep sorrow of the passing on of a health giant Dr. Margaret Mungherera who worked tirelessly to improve the health sector.

She was very passionate and particular about her profession and was dedicated to improving the health of Ugandans.

It is an honour to write a few words about our dear friend and activist, Dr. Margaret Mungherera, on behalf of health- and AIDS-focused civil society organizations, as well as individuals who have benefited directly and indirectly from her tremendous work over the years.

To many of us, the name Margaret Mungherera has always been synonymous with the tireless fight for fair remuneration of the health workforce in Uganda and beyond! Working with other advocates, Margaret negotiated with the Government of Uganda a deal which won us all 45.9 billion shillings for health worker recruitment in 2013.

Her passion and commitment was felt all through the sector and it's hard to imagine any fight for health worker welfare globally that can't be attributed in significant part to Margaret's tireless efforts. She impacted several individuals and associations like the Uganda Medical Association and World Medical Association among others - a legacy that she leaves behind but should remain with such institutions and the general health sector.

For several decades, Margaret has been an inspiration to many health workers and advocates, many of whom she may never have known in her lifetime.

Those of us who had a privilege of working with her directly on several initiatives will remember her powerful and inspirational talks that were punctuated with a high sense of humour. We shall recall her hard work and insistence on quality results.

We shall remember her diplomatic assertiveness in various negotiations that yielded a couple of wins for the sector nationally, regionally and globally. She mentored many and we trust that her legacy will live on.

Telling from what we have so far shared, it would require us a lot more time and physical space to unveil all that we know about Margaret.

Evidently, Margaret has quite an amount of unfinished business on earth. It is our duty and shared responsibility to carry them on, for even in her death, we continue to get inspiration to further what she started.

Dr Margaret Mungerera has left a legacy behind that we all should emulate and continue with, thus working to realize a highly functional health system. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Good bye our friend and mentor! Good bye Margaret!


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