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Kayihura cautions Police officers against greed

By Charles Etukuri

Added 23rd January 2017 07:35 AM

"If you have chosen to serve, why don’t you serve the country first and then the future will take care of itself"

Kayihura cautions Police officers against greed

"If you have chosen to serve, why don’t you serve the country first and then the future will take care of itself"

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has cautioned young Police graduates against greed and illicit accumulation of wealth and asked them to sacrifice for the country.

Kayihura who was closing a three month Information, Communication technology familiarisation for 109 cadet ASPs and 315 Crime Intelligence officers at the Police Training School in Kabalye Masindi, said he was concerned that most police officers were competing to buy the latest car models instead of building their professions.

He urged them to become missionaries and sacrifice for the good of the country.

The IGP also told the young graduates that when he was the head of the Special Revenue Protection Services, different individuals tried to approach him with the view of buying him off but he stuck to his job.

"When I was fighting smuggling, those involved in smuggling sent so many people to me but I rejected their advances. If you have chosen to serve, why don't you serve the country first and then the future will take care of itself. Seek the kingdom of service and the rest shall fall in line," Kayihura said.

He also took a swipe at media outlets and individuals who last week spread rumours on social media that he had been fired. He said he was proud of his service to the country insisting that he was aware his job was not hereditary.

"I started off as a private and rose through the ranks to become what I am today. I know I will leave. This job is not hereditary.  I have served this country in very many positions," Kayihura said.

He also said that the Police must build intelligence squads if they were to fight terrorism.

"You are the officers at the frontline. To be on the frontline you must preserve yourself. You must be alive" the IGP said.

He said he was disappointed that despite the fact that they had crime intelligence officers most of them were not working and they had resorted to using other means to gather intelligence which included relying on the local mwanaichi and community policing. He said the police would kick out officers who did not meet its basic standards including physical fitness.

He also told the graduates to learn the mastery of the weapon. "Swiftness and agility is very important. You must surprise the enemy," Kayihura added.

He urged the graduates to focus on team building. "Although you operate as individuals you still need a formation."

The director human resource and development, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, said they were committed to ensuring that officers undergo continuous refresher courses at the facility.

Kayihura said they were working on the issue of Police welfare and had started off by building decent apartments for the constables in Naguru and that Police officers would be facilitated to buy property through mortgages.

He also said they were working to establish medical insurance for all Police staff and their families and that the Police would also construct two secondary boarding schools to cater for students of security officers following a Presidential directive.

 Kayihura also presided over an Instructive shooting range involving 45 Crime Intelligence officers.

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